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Several people interested in health and fitness recognise the name Robin Arzon. She has influenced millions of people all around the globe to get in shape with her fiery attitude and encouraging remarks. The identity of Robin Arzon Peloton Instructor remains a mystery for some. This article will discuss her early career, marital status, and why you should choose her as a coach.

Robin Arzon Peloton Instructor

Early Life

American Peloton teacher Robin Arzon was born in Philadelphia on April 28, 1984. Throughout her undergraduate and legal studies, Robin Arzon received the highest honours possible from her respective institutions, New York University and Villanova University School of Law. She has earned credentials as a TRX instructor, a personal trainer, and a running coach from the RRCA and the NASM, respectively.

Robin decided to enrol in law school to follow in the footsteps of her father, an attorney. She ran her first mile when she was 23 and a student at Villanova University School of Law. She later gave up her successful career in business to become a full-time Peloton teacher.

Peloton Journey,

A corporate litigator, turned fitness guru; Robin Arzon, now leads classes at Peloton. She soon recognised that she wasn’t happy in that profession and instead set her sights on working in the fitness industry. She started running ultra-marathons and triathlons and eventually became an Iron lady. Her interest in fitness drove her to pursue a career as a Peloton teacher in 2014.

Robin Arzon’s Husband

Drew Butler, like Robin Arzon, is a fitness trainer for the Peloton brand. Two years after their 2016 engagement, the pair finally married in 2019. They have a passion for fitness and Peloton; thus, they often work together on courses.


Athena Amelia, Arzon-Butler, Robin Arzon’s daughter, was born in February 2021. She has also shared the news that she will soon become a mother for the second time to a little girl. Robin’s 2014 diagnosis of type 1 diabetes prompted her to write the children’s book Strong Mother when she was expecting her daughter Athena. 

Robin’s affection and devotion for her whole Peloton family will be there in Athena and her future sibling’s upbringing.


In her books, “Shut Up and Run” and “Becoming a Supple Leopard,” she offers tips on enhancing your running and flexibility, respectively. She also gives talks on health and fitness as a keynote speaker.

Social Life

Robin is a published author and an avid user of social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. She has a large following on Instagram because she often updates them on her life and gives them encouragement and ideas on achieving their dreams. Fitness and how-to-do workout are found on her YouTube channel. Robin often hosts seminars and events to further assist her audience in realising their dreams.

Robin Arzon’s Playlist

Her exercise playlists incorporate a wide range of musical styles, from hip hop to rock n’ roll to the latest chart toppers, all to keep you pumped and focused on your workout. Robin Arzon’s playlists of 4hrs and 45 mins approximately are great since they have a wide variety of songs that anybody may enjoy while working out. 

Full NameRobin Arzon
Date of BirthApril 28, 1984
Place of BirthPhiladelphia, United States
Age38 years old (as of 2023)
EducationAttorney, New York University
ProfessionPeloton instructor, athlete, author, and motivational speaker
Peloton ClassesRunning and strength classes
Athletic CareerFormer corporate litigator turned ultra-marathoner and Ironman triathlete
Books“Shut Up and Run”, ‘’Becoming a Supple Leopard’’
Net Worth$10 million

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Robin Arzon as Your Coach

Positive and Inspiring Phrases

As a popular Peloton instructor, Robin Arzon is recognised for encouraging and inspiring her students. You’ll be inspired by her boundless energy and will to succeed.

Narrative of My Own

The tale of how Robin Arzon went from being a corporate attorney to an ultra-marathoner is impressive. She is familiar with the challenges of switching careers to follow one’s true calling.

Optimistic Perspective

Robin Arzon’s upbeat disposition rubs off on others around her. You can count on her to help you see the bright side of things and have faith in yourself.


The fact that Robin Arzon teaches both cardio and strength courses on Peloton is excellent news for those who want to mix up their routines.


Robin Arzon is an ultra-marathoner and Ironlady triathlete with extensive experience. She is familiar with the demands of training for and competing at the highest levels.


Trainer, runner’s coach, and corrective exercise expert are just a few of Robin Arzon’s credentials. If you want to get in shape, she’s the one to ask for advice.


It’s safe to say that Robin Arzon has done a lot to promote diversity and acceptance in the fitness industry. Her lessons are accessible to people of all backgrounds and skill levels.


It’s clear that Robin Arzon has amassed a dedicated fan base who all rally behind and encourage one another. If you pick her as your coach, you’ll join a group of people who will support and motivate you.


Peloton lessons led by Robin Arzon are efficient ways to get in shape and fun to attend. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her playlists are always spot-on.


The results you get with Robin Arzon as your coach are the primary argument in his favour. You achieve your fitness objectives with the support of her training techniques and inspiring remarks.

Closing Robin’s Case! Dismissed!!!

Ultimately, Robin Arzon Peloton Instructor is a motivational coach who can assist you in reaching your fitness objectives. Because of her background, knowledge, and upbeat outlook, she is an excellent option for anybody trying to be in better shape. She will help you get where you want to go and keep you motivated.