Do Peloton Shoes Work At SoulCycle? | Detailed Answer, Issues & Alternatives

There are many other indoor cycling programs, but the most popular is Peloton and SoulCycle. However, Peloton cyclists often wonder whether their shoes will suit SoulCycle.

In this piece, I’ll explain do peloton shoes work at SoulCycle and what you can expect from your next ride if they do.

Do Peloton Shoes Work At SoulCycle?

Yes, Shoes designed for use on the Peloton bike may be used at SoulCycle, with a few caveats.

Shoes made for use with Peloton cycles can be a better fit on the pedals of a SoulCycle bike.

And because the cages or straps on SoulCycle fit over the front of your shoes to hold them in place while you ride, you can’t use your Peloton shoes. 

Check Your Shoe Size Here by Using Chart : Most Accurate Peloton Shoe Size Chart- Perfect Fit

What Are Peloton shoes?

First, let’s define Peloton shoes to discuss whether they work with SoulCycle.

The Peloton shoe is an integral part of the indoor cycling system, including a high-end bike, an interactive touchscreen, and access to live and on-demand classes taught by top-tier instructors.

The cleats on your Peloton shoes attach to the bike’s pedals, ensuring a stable and comfortable ride no matter how far you pedal.

The shoes’ airy construction and movable straps provide a snug yet comfortable fit.

What Is SoulCycle?

Another well-known indoor cycling program that provides an exciting and all-encompassing exercise experience is SoulCycle. SoulCycle lessons, in contrast to those offered on Peloton, are held in intimate studios and are characterized by low lighting, intense music, and a buzzing environment.

Difference Between Peloton & SoulCycle

SoulCycle bicycles are distinct from Peloton bicycles in that they have a weighted flywheel and a brake mechanism that lets riders modify their degree of difficulty. To protect your feet from slipping forward, SoulCycle cycles have cages or straps over the front of your shoes.

Issues To Use Peloton Shoes Work At SoulCycle

After defining both Peloton shoes and SoulCycle, we can move on to the main question: 

Do peloton shoes work at SoulCycle? Simply put, you can use your Peloton shoes at SoulCycle.

But there are a few things you should be aware of first.

Compatibility with Pedals

Peloton shoe compatibility with the pedals at SoulCycle should be your first consideration. To reiterate, Peloton shoes were made for use with Peloton cycles and may not have a perfect fit with SoulCycle pedals.


Some Peloton riders claim to have had experience wearing their Peloton shoes at SoulCycle, while others have complained that the shoes don’t provide a secure enough fit on the pedals.

If you plan on using Peloton Shoes at SoulCycle, you should be aware of this and modify your riding technique accordingly.

Accessory Cage/Strap Issue

Another consideration is whether your SoulCycle cages or straps are compatible with your Peloton shoes. Cages or straps that fit over the front of your shoes are used on SoulCycle bikes to keep your feet in place while you ride.

The Answer Is:

Some riders have had luck wearing their Peloton shoes at SoulCycle, you should be aware that they may not fit quite right or function with the cages or straps, so you may need to adjust how you ride.

Use SoulCycle shoes instead of Peloton shoes if you need to get used to them or want the finest possible riding experience.

If you want to use your Peloton shoes for SoulCycle, you may need to adjust your riding style since they were designed to be used with something other than cages or straps. Some cyclists swear by Peloton shoes with cages or straps, while others find that they need to give a secure enough fit and lead to a rocky ride.

Alternative To Peloton Shoes At SoulCycle

It is possible to use Peloton shoes at SoulCycle; riders should know that the pedals, cages, or straps may not work perfectly with the shoes. You may need to modify your riding technique and expectations to get the most out of your SoulCycle experience while using the same shoes you use at Peloton. 

Alternatives to the required Peloton shoes at SoulCycle are available for those who choose not to use them or want to maximise their riding experience.

SoulCycle shoes

The first is to utilise shoes made by SoulCycle, which are compatible with their bikes. There may be a more solid and stable fit with these shoes than with Peloton shoes since they include cages or straps that go over the front of your shoes to hold your feet in place as you ride. Shoes for SoulCycle classes may be rented or purchased at most locations.

Different Cycling Shoes

At SoulCycle, you can get cycling shoes from many different brands. Shoes with a sturdy sole and a breathable design can help you perform better and feel better while riding. Shimano, Giro, and Specialized are some of the most well-known names in cycling footwear.

Shoe Covers

You may also wear shoe coverings meant to slip over your shoes and give you a more stable grip on the pedals. These protectors, which may be constructed from neoprene or other materials, are more cost-effective than purchasing a new pair of bicycle shoes.

Regardless of your decision, you should check that your shoes have a secure and comfortable fit on the pedals. By following these tips, you can get more out of your SoulCycle workouts and reduce the risk of injury or pain.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Do peloton shoes work at SoulCycle? Although you may use Peloton shoes at SoulCycle, you may need the optimum fit or performance. SoulCycle shoes are the most excellent choice for performance and comfort since they are designed to fit securely with the cages or straps on SoulCycle cycles.

There are solutions outside SoulCycle shoes for those who don’t want to buy them, like different cycling shoes and shoe coverings. These substitutes may not provide the same support and comfort as SoulCycle footwear.

Therefore, if you ride SoulCycle often or are considering trying it, you should get a good pair of SoulCycle shoes. Even though they’re a little more costly than other shoe alternatives, they will provide you with the smoothest ride possible and help you get the most benefits from your SoulCycle sessions.

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