Most Accurate Peloton Shoe Size Chart- Perfect Fit

Do the shoes for the Peloton bike give you any cause for concern?

Before hopping on a Peloton, you might consider whether or not you require cycling-specific footwear.

The only catch is that you’ll need to know your shoe size.; it’ll be easy peasy if you check out the below peloton shoe size chart.


You can download printable version of Peloton Shoes Sizing Chart pdf

You may find shoes that work well with the Peloton pedals by asking the store clerk if they are compatible. Hopefully, you’ll find the answers to your questions about Peloton Shoes in this post.

Peloton Shoes Sizing Tool

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Peloton Shoe Size Chart

Peloton shoes may be purchased for $125 and are available in a wide variety of sizes; however, unlike standard American footwear, they are sized according to the European Union’s shoe standard.

Peloton provides sizes 36–43 EU for ladies’ shoes and 40–48 EU for men’s. 

Children’s Peloton shoes don’t exist; however, if your kid has feet the size of a US Women’s 5, they may wear a size 36 in the adult shoe. Let’s jump to the Peloton Shoe Size Chart can help folks unfamiliar with EU sizing determine their correct US shoe size based on their Peloton shoe size.

Men’s ShoesWomen’s Shoes
40= Men’s size 736= Women’s size 5
41= Men’s size 837= Women’s size 6
42= Men’s size 938= Women’s size 7
43= Men’s size 1039= Women’s size 8
44= Men’s size 10.540= Women’s size 9
45= Men’s size 1141= Women’s size 10
46= Men’s size 1242= Women’s size 11
47= Men’s size 1343= Women’s size 12
48= Men’s size 13.5
Shoes Size Chart

Why Peloton Shoes?

Low-cost Peloton footwear is readily available. When you discover your perfect size in Peloton shoes, they’re great for cycling. Being compact will allow you to feel good even while you exercise. And because they are well made, they will last for quite some time. If your feet fit in the peloton shoes, you don’t need anything else to feel comfortable:

  • Breathable quality is provided with both top vents and mesh holes on the soles of the shoes.
  • The vents provide a remarkably airy and relaxing final product.
  • To make sure they fit perfectly every time, they have velcro straps and a simple ratchet snap.
  • Peloton’s shoes are available in US and European sizes and were created for those with slender to regular feet.
  • Peloton shoes have soles that boost your speed and power transmission to the pedals. However, their rigidity limits your feet’s range of motion.

Peloton Shoe Compatibility

Have you seen any bicycles that use cleats that comply with the Delta standard? Peloton shoes include a cleat attachment system that allows you to wear them while riding. All that is necessary is the assembly of the three-screw hole.

If you don’t switch out the pedals, you’ll require special shoes made with a Peloton.

There are a variety of shoe manufacturers that create Peloton shoes. SPD-SL or Glance Delta are your best choices if you need shoes compatible with three-hole cleats. Choose the Peloton footwear based only on how your feet feel in shoes.

A Few Primary Things To Think About

There are some factors to consider and remember when purchasing a pair of Peloton cycling shoes.

  • While these shoes are best suited for narrow to standard foot widths, those with skinny feet may want to consider going down a half or a full size just in case.
  • However, wider feet should go up a 1⁄2 or a single size.
  • There is less importance on the size of the bike shoes than there is on running shoes. Extra room for your toes at the front is not necessary.
  • Wearing shoes that do not place too much stress on your feet’s widest point is essential.
  • Be sure that standing still in your Peloton shoes doesn’t hurt too much.
  • Shoes with light soles will diminish the effectiveness of your training over time.

Regarding the closing method of a pair of bicycle shoes, Velcro straps are the way to go. They prevent the shoe from being excessively tense and are simple to use.

You should get a thicker replacement footbed if you plan on using your Peloton shoes for long periods. Also, you should extensively research a product or service before acquiring it.

Now, finding out about the condition of the footwear in issue and gauging the level of client happiness is possible with the aid of reviews online.

Can I Use Peloton Shoes In Other Activities?

The answer to the question, “Can I wear my Peloton shoes for other activities?” is “Yes.” You are not limited to using them only for your Peloton workouts; instead, you are free to put them to any other use you choose.

Since they have Delta cleats, they are compatible with bikes.

You may also use them with some road riding cycles, but you’ll need to check to see if your bike is designed to work with Delta cleats. Feel free to remove the cleats from your Peloton shoes and utilise them for everyday exercises if that’s your style.

The lightweight construction of a pair of Peloton shoes makes them ideal for the milder months. A limitation of ventilation may become an issue in warmer weather. Feet that overheat quickly and are constantly drenched in sweat are more likely to suffer from nail and skin diseases caused by fungi.

Summing Up!

Now you get why and how Peloton shoes are fit for your cycling, and after reviewing the peloton shoe size chart, you’ll get your exact size like Cinderella got her Prince due to perfect fit; these shoes help you to achieve your dream fitness and weight!

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