Can You Watch Netflix, Hulu, YT & Amazon Prime On Peloton ? Yes !

Peloton Cycles are becoming one of the most famous pieces of workout machinery.

A touchpad and intelligent software make it possible to search among hundreds of programs, live and on-demand exercises, and more to discover the ones that are just right for you.

However, you might not desire to put in a strenuous effort while following the coach’s directions on the cycle and treadmill.

What if you want to be in shape while watching Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime on the Peloton Screen tablet while riding the Peloton cycle or running on the treadmill?

Does it mean you binge-watch your favorite shows while pedaling?

Let’s find out how can you watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube & Amazon Prime on the Peloton Screen!

How can you watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube & Amazon Prime?

If you’re a Peloton user, one of the first things you might be wondering while exercising is whether or not you can stream Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime while you work out Well, Yes, using a Peloton screen, you can easily watch your favorite shows, movies, and clips on Netflix or YouTube.
Can You Watch Netflix on peloton

Peloton’s exercise bikes and treadmills each conceal a browser.

If you want to watch videos online, just fire up your computer and head over to either Netflix or YouTube with your account.

You can use the Peloton as a mobile Netflix viewing device. You should think about watching Netflix even though Peloton does not recommend it.

At the same time, if you ride it will boost your motivation and enhance your workout more enjoyable by relieving the monotony of regular use.

Let’s proceed to the next section with this in mind.

To get Netflix on Peloton, you can use the WebView Browser Tester or download it from APKMirror. Warning: Netflix isn’t available in the Peloton digital app, and the company doesn’t endorse such use.

The Steps to Watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube & Amazon Prime: 

If you want detailed instructions, they are here.

  • The Peloton interface requires a login with a valid Peloton account.
  • Click the 3 dots on the screen’s upper right side. In doing so, a menu will appear on the right-hand side of your screen.
  • To learn more, click the “About” link in the footer. A new window will pop up with details on the bike’s system.
  • Click the bottom right corner of your Peloton screen 7 times, slowly. Remember, there is no visual cue to guide you; this may take a few tries.
  • After the seventh tap, a new browser window will appear with a single icon (resembling an Android icon) labeled “WebView Browser Tester” in the upper left corner.
  • To try out the WebView browser, select the test icon
  • A new browser window will pop up, allowing you to go to the Netflix homepage and sign in with your existing credentials.


With a $40 monthly membership, Peloton’s exercise bikes, and treadmills may stream exercises to a screen.

When compared to the cost of the bike, several consumers feel it is prohibitively pricey.

As a result, it’s common for consumers to suspend their subscriptions temporarily.

A paid subscription Secures Peloton’s functionalities.

The screen’s potential could be more utilized. Therefore, it is understandable why many individuals use the screen for other purposes, such as watching television shows, free fitness videos, etc.

Working out without distractions is monotonous, but paying $40 a month is expensive. Using the screen to watch other clips to maintain inspiration is reasonable.

Does Netflix Cancel Accounts Over Peloton Use?

While Peloton did not expressly state that watching Netflix would suspend the membership, it also did not encourage users to try to circumvent the system in this way. A Peloton touchscreen can only be used to link Peloton workouts.

As a result, the Peloton membership might be in danger if you use it for anything other than watching or streaming courses. If you are still within your Peloton’s guarantee period, the safest action is to perform a reboot as quickly as you have finished watching Netflix.

Why Doesn’t Peloton include these sites in the Software?

The truth is that watching Netflix while you exercise may be a significant distraction and perhaps put your safety at risk. In addition, if you are a chronic Netflix binger, your workouts will suffer since you won’t stop thinking about the show.

And the Peloton doesn’t want you to zone out when you’re working out.

Overexerting oneself physically in a single day can lead to adverse health consequences, including muscular soreness, fatigue, sleeplessness, and emotional swings, among other things.

Error in Claiming Warranty

Users have reported that their warranties were voided after they made adjustments made by hacking to their Peloton bikes. As long as the damage wasn’t brought on by incorrect upkeep or usage, everything from the belt and pedals to the crankshaft, brake stiffness, water bottle holder, grips, and even the Seatpost is covered by this warranty.

The validity period for Peloton security is 12 months. 

I was unable to determine if a claim like this would render the guarantee void. However, losing it would be a bad idea. You’ll have to pay the bill for its replacement if you lose it.

These are the most persuasive arguments against adding Netflix to the Peloton cycle and tread. Nonetheless, everyone appreciates a little distraction when working out to sweat off the dregs. The findings provide credence to the theory that exercising while viewing something nice might boost one’s mood even more.

Netflix on Peloton’s Screen: How to Get It

The term “APK” refers to the Android application package, a small file that can be sent over the internet and downloaded on Android-powered mobile devices. Use a download manager like APKMirror or APK Downloader to get Netflix for the peloton screen. The Google Play Store isn’t required to use any app repositories.

Any smartphone running Android is compatible with the software used by Peloton bikes. Any APK hosting service may be used to distribute any program.

  • To access the “About” page, pick the 3 dot menu from the Peloton main menu.
  •  When the pop-up appears, start tapping it seven times, like previously.
  • The “download” button has appeared. 
  • The Netflix APK may be installed with a single click.

Is it possible to follow Peloton metrics while watching YouTube?

The biggest drawback to riding a bike or attempting to run while viewing YouTube videos on a web page is that you cannot track or monitor your workout data. The only way to keep track of your workout while watching YouTube videos on Peloton is to employ an smartphone and operate a session on it as you start riding.

Advantages of watching shows while indoor cycling

You might think I’m nuts, but there are several advantages to watching TV (such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.) while you ride a bike.

  • lowering in the feeling of tiredness in the functioning muscles.
  • A rise in motivational spirit.
  • Improved outlook on physical activity
  • More relaxing vibes
  • Improving the enjoyment of exercise.

This is how it Operates:

You may boost hedonic motivation and enjoyment while working out through sensory stimuli, such as watching Netflix or playing music while riding your Peloton bike.

A person driven purely by hedonic considerations will seek out and engage in whatever experiences bring them the most incredible pleasure while avoiding any unpleasantness.

The degree to which an individual takes pleasure in working out is a significant factor in determining whether or not they will maintain a regular exercise routine. That is to say, to make exercise feel less strenuous, many people choose to watch television or engage in other forms of distraction while they work out.

Since the brain has less to process when riding the Peloton bike at a low intensity, riders are free to pay interest to “external” stimuli such as music or other riders. This shift in attention serves as a diversion and has a stimulating effect on one’s drive.

How to use the Peloton Screen?

Sometimes it also happens that the peloton screen not showing metrics, as we discussed in the previous post, due to an error in settings and the internet. So here is how to set up the screen so you can easily adjust the settings to watch Netflix, Hulu, and amazon prime.

  • To access the home screen, just. Classes may be sorted by the teacher, length, music, and other criteria by tapping the “Classes” tab. I suggest the “20-minute Beginner Ride” if you’re just starting. Pre-ride acclimatization rides are also an option.
  • You may also select a show from the menu labeled “Programs” on the main interface.
  • Click “More” to proceed. Two choices will appear in a pop-up window when you click it. Two are “simply ride mode” and “scenic riding mode.
  • The “Just ride” option switches to a black screen that displays your current strength and tempo.
  • The alternative is a little more intriguing. Simply clicking on that link will reveal a plethora of breathtaking rides. Take your pick. You’re now cruising peacefully down a rural road. A leaderboard is available; if you don’t want to view it, you can simply hide it by tapping the screen.
  • You may set a “Schedule” or a “Challenge” for yourself. Go to their sites and replace their clocks with your own.

Wrapping up the things

Although the Peloton bike company does not endorse or permit Netflix on Peloton, some users have found a method such as APK to install Netflix using third-party applications or other means, allowing them to see material from outside the Peloton platform. Additionally, we will not suggest any settings menu prohibited by the Peloton Bike Authority.

We have concluded this helpful tutorial. And that’s all there is to know about YouTub, NetFlix, Hulu etc. on Peloton.

By following the steps outlined in this post, you may access Hulu and any other broadcasting source. Easily substitute the URL in the search field with the precise URL you wish to broadcast.

With this trick, “how can you watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube & Amazon Price,” you may watch a movie or television show or listen to music while cycling or jogging to burn calories. Rather than suppressing your body from standing or lying on the ground, try this trick; it will perform wonders for the body. And the most significant thing is that you can return to the Peloton default configuration at any moment to enjoy the functionality and courses.

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