Peloton Screen Not Showing Metrics? Let’s Fix

If you’re interested in using a Peloton Bike but also want detailed information about your rides, such as how far you’ve gone and how fast you’ve gone, you may be interested in peloton stats.

It might also assist you in reaching your fitness objectives. Several people have used these indicators to monitor their training and development.

But what to do if the peloton screen not showing metrics?

These Peloton measures, however, have a significant flaw. Using the metrics on a new bike after using them for a time will result in inaccurate readings.

This post will explain why your Peloton stats are not showing and how to correct them so that you never experience this problem again.

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Peloton Screen Not Showing Metrics

Usually, home workout stuff is not exactly featherweight, as you probably already know from experience. The weight of an indoor spin bike may vary, but this one appears to be about the norm. The 138-pound Peloton cycle was released (62.6 kg). Be aware that the Bike’s overall weight varies between models and that older bikes tend to be heavier.

Read on for how to double-check Peloton’s settings.

  • Head to the ‘Settings’ tab in the Peloton center console.
  • To view metrics, please go to the bottom of the page. Next, navigate to the “Calibration” menu item.
  • Your’ Peloton stats’ will now show on the screen.
  • There is an icon called “calibration” that you can click.
  • When you do, a screen will ‘pop up’ showing your calibrated values.

What to do if when no metrics are shown during the exercise session?

  • Mainly, a disconnection between the panel and the touchscreen might be to blame if no data is shown on the screen during a session.
  • One must maintain order in the touchscreen’s wiring; securely inserted into their ports, we advise pressing upward on the two cables at the device’s rear.
  • So, Enroll in a session and hit play to get started.
  • If no metrics are displaying in a particular class, try disconnecting the two connections entirely.
  • First, unplug the cables to inspect the prongs for loss, then connect them securely.
  • Try registering for a different session to see if the statistics start showing up.
  • Get in touch with the Customer Support staff if the peloton screen not showing metrics.

Causes of Peloton Screen Not Showing Metrics

Network Issues

Check that the equipment has a stable connection to the internet. We advise connecting through WiFi or Ethernet when using Peloton due to the high cost and sluggish speed of mobile data plans. If issues continue, you can use an alternative network connection.

Problems connecting to the web on cellular operators are more widespread, especially for those who live in remote areas, such as the highlands or far from a colony. To sum up, the internet speed and reliability will decrease in proportion to the distance from the signal transmitted.

If your statistics are consistent with what you expect, things should be Perfectly all right.

If issues persist, check that your settings are accurate using the instruction manual.

Not Connected to the Correct Account

Make sure the Peloton is linked to a legitimate account. Use the Peloton app on your mobile device and sign in to start. If you have any trouble logging in, please feel free to contact Peloton’s customer service.

After that, sync the bike with the computer and install the Peloton software. Once the software has been installed on your screen, navigate to Menu > Settings > Account > Account Info. You may access your data by clicking the My Data link in the top-right corner of the screen.

For a summary of your cycling stats, go here. If you see your name, it means the connections are correctly established.


As you now know why your peloton screen not showing metrics, then it must be easy for you to fix the issues. By following the steps up, your peloton metrics will show up again.

Sohave a friendly and regulated stats session on calories burned!

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