Why Peloton Touch Screen Not Working – Troubleshoot Guide.

Do you need help with your Peloton bike? Is the peloton touch screen not working? You’ve found the proper location if that’s the situation.

Here, we’ll cover a few of the typical causes of a non-responsive Peloton touch screen. 

Besides, this guide will provide various troubleshooting procedures you may use to resolve the issue yourself.

Well, let’s not waste any more time and go right in.

Peloton Touch Screen Not Working

Some users have complained that the Peloton touch screen doesn’t function, despite the bike’s reputation for quality and innovation.

Some passengers have complained that the touchscreen interface doesn’t work or only works sometimes.

The first step in fixing your broken Peloton bike’s touchscreen is to figure out why it broke. As we know, different factors may be at play here; therefore, it’s challenging to pinpoint a single reason.
Peloton Touch Screen Not Working

This article will look more in-depth at the situation and identify the most typical sorts of problems that riders have on the Peloton cycles.

Power issue

Unreliable electricity is the first and most fundamental form of problem. 

The matter can be that your bike’s display and touchscreen are vulnerable to power fluctuations, so be careful when switching them on.

Several options exist for stabilizing an unreliable power supply:

  • First, check that the bike is appropriately hooked into a surge protector.
  • If it is currently plugged into one, try inserting it into a new socket.

You can reset the power supply by disconnecting the bike from the wall and reconnecting it if the issue remains.

Processor and update issue

Problems with touchscreens aren’t usually the result of software related. Sometimes, hardware malfunctions are at blame. Probable factors include a malfunctioning screen or a faulty bike processor.

If you suspect a hardware problem, it’s best to get it checked out by a technician with experience working with Peloton machines.

Likewise, software problems commonly cause a Peloton bike’s touchscreen to malfunction. There might be a software issue preventing the touchscreen from functioning normally.

  • First, check if an updated version of the bike’s software is available; this should resolve the issue. 
  • Refresh it to see if it helps. 
  • To upgrade the firmware, stick to the guidelines displayed on the screen
  • To update the software, use the Peloton app on your mobile device, then navigate to More > Settings > Firmware Updates

Troubleshooting guide

You may troubleshoot the Peloton bike in these few distinct manners. 

Inspecting the battery is one method. 

The battery is in the handlebars, and the remaining charge can be seen as five white lights (as fully charged). As a safe side, there should be at least four lights remaining.

Check the power supply.

  • The first step is to check the stability of the bike’s power source. 

Weak power is a typical cause of the screen on a Peloton cycle failing to function.

  • You will need to check the peloton power cord to determine if the bike is receiving full power.

A power quality tester is mainly used to check the consistency of the incoming power supply. If yes, that explains why the touchscreen on your device isn’t functioning.

  • Simply plugging the bike into a separate outlet is the best solution for this problem.
  • If it doesn’t work, try disconnecting the bike from the wall for a few moments and then reconnecting it to see if that resets the power source.

Try to Reset the peloton.

Worried about the functionality of the Peloton’s touch interface? You may easily reset it. It could be a good idea to reset your bike if that doesn’t work. Follow these steps:

  • Stop riding and disconnect your bike from the outlet.
  • To turn the bike on, you must go around to the back and slide a paperclip into the slot adjacent to the power switch.
  • Keep the paperclip in place for 10 -15 seconds, then reconnect the bike to the wall outlet.
  • Take your finger off the paperclip, and the cycle will start up.

Restart the bike

  • To restart, disconnect the power cable from the wall socket and reconnect it a couple of moments later.
  • Check the touchscreen’s functionality once the bike has resumed. 
  • If it isn’t, the fault may be with the bike’s hardware, and you should get it checked out by a professional trained to work with Peloton bikes.

Adjust the Screen’s Configuration

  • The display settings might be at fault if your bike’s touchscreen generally functions before suddenly failing to do so. 
  • It’s conceivable that the touchscreen isn’t responding because the screen is in “night mode” or another setting.
  • The screen goes completely dark when the night mode is used, or the brightness is reduced

Happily, users can disable the night mode if they want to.


Do You Think It’s Safe To Reset Peloton To The Default Settings?

Resetting your Peloton requires some thought. Before anything else, you must guarantee that you have a recent backup of your information. The next step is to think carefully about whether or not it’s worth resetting your device. Lastly, if you want to reset the Peloton, follow the instructions provided by the company.

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