Why Is Orangetheory Getting Rid Of Ab Dolly? Reasons & Signature Alternatives

In the realm of fitness, where new trends arise and equipment changes, there are sometimes surprises that leave us wondering why.

One such enigma has lately emerged: Why is Orangetheory, the well-known fitness facility, saying goodbye to the Ab Dolly? This harmless exercise equipment has been a mainstay in Orangetheory workouts for years, assisting fans in pursuing toned abs. Nonetheless, a choice to split ways has been reached.

What is the cause of this unanticipated separation? Join us as we unravel the mystery of Orangetheory’s departure from the Ab Dolly and reveal the reasons for this unexpected choice.

But from starting the reason theory, dig out about what Ab Dolly is, how it is linked to Orangetheory Fitness, and Why Is Orangetheory Getting Rid Of Ab Dolly.

What is Ab Dolly ?

The Ab Dolly is a piece of fitness equipment that assists users in various abdominal exercises. The gadget is made from a small platform with two wheels on the bottom. Users execute exercises such as planks, arm movement, and knee tucks by placing their hands on the platform while keeping their feet on the ground and rolling the gadget back and forth.

Why Is Orangetheory Getting Rid Of Ab Dolly?

For many years, the Ab Dolly has been a favourite piece of equipment in Orangetheory workouts. It is frequently utilised during the workout’s floor section, focusing on strength training movements. However, the firm Orangetheory has stated that Ab Dolly would be removed from their programs.

Orangetheory Fitness stated that the Ab Dolly would be phased out in its exercises in December 2021. The decision was made because of safety concerns, according to the business, which stated that the ab dolly had been connected to a greater risk of injury.

Reasons For Closing

Now we know the Ab Dolly is a compact, wheeled platform for various core workouts. It is frequently used in Orangetheory courses for Russian twists, crunches, and planks. However, according to the company’s study, the ab dolly is related to an increased risk of lower back, shoulder, and wrist injuries.

Other Basic Reasons

Aside from safety issues, Orangetheory stated that the ab dolly was no longer required for their exercises. The firm has created a variety of alternative core workouts that can be performed without using an ab dolly, which is just as beneficial.

Mixed Public Opinion

Orangetheory participants have expressed conflicting feelings about the plan to phase out the ab dolly. Some members were disappointed since they liked utilising the ab dolly for core training. Other members, though, have welcomed the adjustment, citing safety concerns.

Safety First

Finally, Orangetheory’s decision to phase out the ab dolly is based on safety concerns. The organisation feels that the hazards of using an ab dolly exceed the advantages, and it is devoted to providing its members with a safe and productive training experience.

Secret Reasons To Abort Ab Dolly

Orangetheory has opted to phase out the ab dolly for various reasons.

  1. The ab dolly could be more adaptable. It can only be used for limited exercises, making mixing up your core workouts tough.
  2. Some people need help to utilise the ab dolly. It necessitates a certain level of balance and coordination, which can be difficult for persons with injuries or mobility impairments.
  3. The ab dolly is not easily transportable. It’s a big piece of gear that might be tough to travel to and from the studio.

As a result of these considerations, Orangetheory may have concluded that the ab dolly was not worth the danger or inconvenience.


It’s worth noting that the choice to phase out the ab dolly is unique to Orangetheory Fitness. Other fitness studios could keep using the ab dolly in their routines. If you want to use the ab dolly, you need to check with your local studio to see whether they have one.

Signature Alternatives of Ab Dolly

You can do many exercises without the ab dolly to develop your core safely and efficiently. Among the most popular core workouts are:

The Dynamic Planks

Planks, a classic ab workout, can open doors you never thought possible. Explore the wide variety of dynamic planks out there. Planks on the side, planks on the forearms, and plank jacks are great ways to work your abs and strengthen your core while keeping you on your toes. These adaptable replacements help you maintain your body and improve your stability and balance, opening up new avenues for physical development.


As we say our goodbyes to Ab Dolly, we must not overlook the importance of the crunch. Feel the burn as you systematically rhythmically flex your ab muscles. 

Maintain a flat back and a strong core during the whole workout. You can tone your abs and provoke your interest by trying out a variety of crunch exercises, such as the bicycle crunch, the reverse crunch, and the oblique crunch.

Squats and Leg Raises 

Leg lifts are the best exercise to improve your core strength. Get on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Raise your legs slowly toward the ceiling to work your lower abs. You should feel a surge of power from deep inside as you complete each set. Try out new moves like straight leg lifts, flutter kicks, and scissor kicks, and see where your body takes you.

Inverted Russian Twists

Embrace the twist of adventure with Russian twists as you explore the world of core workouts. Hold a weight in each hand and sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet planted. Challenge yourself by using your oblique muscles to rotate your torso from side to side. Try adding weight to your Russian twists or using a medicine ball to spice things up. Relax your abdominal muscles and let them sway in time with the turns.

Discovering Infinite Workouts

These examples are but a taste of the many different kinds of core workouts out there. You should follow your curiosity wherever it leads. Use the amount of knowledge and motivation available from fitness professionals, fitness periodicals, and the internet. Enjoy the process as you explore different exercise methods and develop a regimen that best suits your needs.

Tips For Starting New Excercise

As you begin your trip away from the Ab Dolly, here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your core exercises:

Begin with the Right Form

Ensure you have a firm grasp on the appropriate form before beginning any workout. This way, you get the most out of your training and reduce your chances of being hurt.

Raise the Stakes Gradually

Without the Ab Dolly, you increase the difficulty of other workouts as you see fit. You should begin with more accessible modifications and work up to more challenging ones as your core strength increases.

Swap and Change

Change up your routine now and again to keep your core strong. Use a variety of moves to strengthen your body from all angles and maintain interest, and type in your workouts.

Engage the Mind-Muscle Connection

Try to use the intended muscles as you execute each exercise actively. Imagine your core muscles engaging and contracting, and let your thoughts help you fortify that connection.

Honour Your Physical Self

Heed the warning signs your body is sending you. Do not continue an exercise routine that gives you discomfort or agony without consulting a doctor. Recognise that your fitness path is as individual as you are, and do what works for your body.

Ab Dolly Basics

Finally, a Fresh Start with Endless Potential

Now we all know about the changing trends of the fitness industry and Why Is Orangetheory Getting Rid Of Ab Dolly. With the passing of the Ab Dolly, a new era dawns, and with it, a wealth of good replacement core workouts. The exercises include the dynamic plank, the engaging crunch, the exhilarating leg raise, and the enticing Russian twist. In this exciting new era, follow your curiosity to discover ways to improve your health and fitness. Put away the Ab Dolly and open your arms to exciting, varied, and adventuresome alternatives to working your core!!!

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