Can You Buy A Used Orangetheory Heart Monitor? Setup, Tips and Places To Buy From

Orangetheory Fitness is a well-liked fitness studio that provides interval training based on the participant’s heart rate to increase calorie burn. Heart rate monitoring is an integral element of the Orangetheory experience, allowing students to keep tabs on their progress and ensure they stay within their designated zones. 

While new heart monitors are purchased from Orangetheory Studios, some customers question Can You Buy A Used Orangetheory Heart Monitor at a discount? This post will discuss the possibilities of buying old Orangetheory heart monitors, including the benefitsplaces, setup, precautions, and considerations involved.

Can You Buy A Used Orangetheory Heart Monitor?

A heart rate monitor while working out at Orangetheory is a fantastic method to measure your progress and motivate yourself. They are pricey, though. If you’re trying to save money, you might wonder if getting a pre-owned or used Orangetheory heart rate monitor is possible.

Yes, a used OrangeTheory heart rate monitor is available for purchase. However, there is no official retail outlet; therefore, you must seek out possible dealers independently.

However, if you wish to buy a new OTF heart rate monitor, you may do so quickly and easily at any OrangeTheory Fitness location. The company markets heart rate monitors with its logo, which customers can use to keep tabs on the toll their workouts take on their bodies.

However, they can be rather pricey if bought from the official website. Used products are the way to go in this situation. You can also use them outside the class; learn How To Use Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Outside Of Class.

Where Can You Buy A Used Orangetheory Heart Monitor?

You will be able to find a used Orangetheory heart monitor at the following locations:

Online Markets

Used exercise equipment, including heart rate monitors, can be found on websites like eBayCraigslistFacebook Marketplace, and other online classified platforms. Before making a purchase, be sure the item is exactly as described and genuine.

1. eBay

In the market for a used OTBeat device? You lucked out! Used monitors are found for as little as $40 on eBay, and there are many sellers to choose from.

  • Searching eBay for “OTBeat monitor” will return several results. There is a wide variety of monitors to choose from.
  • Carefully peruse the product descriptions if you need help deciding on a monitor. In most cases, the vendors will specify whether or not the monitor has been used and the extent of any visible damage.
  • You should keep looking if you find a monitor that catches your eye, but the seller’s feedback is lacking. Based on this, you can judge their reliability and whether or not the monitor will arrive in excellent condition.
  • To save money on this vital training equipment, consider purchasing a secondhand OTBeat monitor. You can pick the best monitor for your needs from the various selections offered on eBay.
2.Facebook Groups

An excellent place to start looking for a pre-owned OTBeat monitor in your area is on Facebook marketplace groups. Used equipment for OrangeTheory is found for sale in several Facebook groups.

  • Searching Facebook for “OrangeTheory” should find relevant groups. 
  • Find a group interested in a used OTBeat monitor, and post a message there. Include your location so that others with a monitor for sale in your region contact you.

This is an excellent method for locating a pre-owned monitor that can be tested before purchase. You can inquire about the monitor’s condition and hear the seller’s thoughts on how well it has served them.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist is the best place to hunt for a secondhand OTBeat monitor in your area. 

  • Get a list of available OTBeat monitors by searching for “OTBeat monitor” in your region.
  • Find an old monitor and test it before you buy it. The price is openfor discussion with the vendor.
  • If you decide to purchase via Craigslist, please look at caution.
  •  Always arrange to meet a vendor in a public area and have cash.

There are several excellent second-hand OTBeat monitors to choose from, whether you shop online or in person. Discovering the ideal display for your requirements only takes a little time.

Orangetheory Community Organizations

Members of Orangetheory Fitness connect and trade equipment, such as heart rate monitors, in several online communities and discussion boards. Orangetheory studios and similar community groups are good places to look for a pre-owned heart rate monitor.

Resellers of fitness equipment

Orangetheory heart monitors are occasionally available at stores that sell previously owned, used or second-hand exercise equipment. You can find used workout equipment at local fitness equipment vendors or on internet sites.

Sports Equipment Shops

Some sporting goods shops feature a buy-back or consignment program for worn exercise accessories. It’s worth a shot to see if any of these shops have pre-owned heart rate monitors, especially Orangetheory models.

Thrift shops and garage sales

Secondhand heart monitors are sometimes found at thrift stores and garage sales despite their rarity. You never know what kind of workout equipment you could find in these stores, so it’s always good to watch out.

Fitness Communities and Online Forums

Try looking for any online fitness communities where people talk about the workout gear they use. Used heart monitors are available for sale occasionally amongst members of these groups.


If you must buy a secondhand cardiac monitor, proceed with caution and attempt to learn as much as you can about its age, condition, and previous use. Verify that the monitor can be used with the Orangetheory system, and if at all feasible, arrange to see the vendor in person to check and test it.

What to Look for When Buying a Used Heart Rate Monitor

It’s essential to be careful while shopping for a secondhand or used heart rate monitor to make sure you’re receiving a working and trustworthy gadget. If you’re in the market for a used heart rate monitor, keep the following in mind.

Health and Physical Appearance

Verify that the heart rate monitor is in good working condition. Examine the displaystraps, and buttons for any signs of wear and tear. The item’s functioning is negatively affected by damage, while minor visual flaws are not.


Test the heart rate monitor to ensure it is functioning correctly. Verify that all buttons, the screen, and any extras (like Bluetooth) are working correctly.


Having a heart rate monitor that provides accurate readings throughout exercises is essential. While it may be challenging to undertake a complete test of accuracy before making a purchase, you can inquire about the device’s performance or any prior difficulties connected to precision from the vendor.

Battery’s life

Verify that the heart rate monitor has sufficient battery life. Find out how long the battery lasts during a training session on average and if it has been replaced recently. If the battery is almost dead, think about the extra time and money it will take to replace it.


Ensure the heart rate monitor is compatible with your fitness tools, applications, or services. If you want to use the monitor with specific software, like Orangetheory Fitness or a heart rate-based training program, be sure it is compatible with that software.

Brand and Version

Research the brand and model by researching the heart rate monitor’s features, dependability, and user reviews. Some manufacturers are recognised as having created the most reliable and long-lasting heart rate monitors.


If you buy a secondhand gadget, be sure it’s clean; if the heart rate monitor will be worn while exercising, it is essential to ensure that it has been adequately cleaned and sanitised before usage.

Seller Reputation

Check the seller’s feedback and ratings before purchasing from an individual or marketplace. If you want to avoid getting scammed or having your money taken, only buy from trusted sellers or those who have received plenty of positive reviews.

Return and Refund Guarantee

Find out whether there is a warranty that will follow you as the next owner. Additionally, ensure you know how to get your money back if the heart rate monitor has significant flaws that should have been mentioned before you bought it.

Cost and Bargaining

Examine the difference in cost between the pre-owned and brand-new heart rate monitors. When bargaining with the vendor, remember the device’s age, condition, and extras.

Documents and Supporting Items

Make sure you get all the accessories (charging cables, chest straps, etc.) that come with the heart rate monitor when you buy it. Inquire further if the vendor has the device’s paperwork, manuals, or setup instructions.


By carefully considering these factors, you may select a used heart rate monitor that is dependable and appropriate for your training needs. Remember that the main objective is to have a reliable heart rate monitor that improves your workouts and helps you reach your fitness objectives.

How to Set Up a Used Heart Rate Monitor

The instructions for setting up a used heart rate monitor may change depending on your purchased model. Still, most heart rate monitors have standard procedures for initial setup. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to properly activate your previously owned heart rate monitor:

Clean and Sanitize the Heart Rate Monitor

Ensure the gadget is clean and sterilised before use, especially if the user wears it during exercise. Clean the device, straps, and other parts with a mild, non-abrasive cleaning solution and a soft cloth.

Check Battery Life

Check the heart rate monitor’s battery life. Don’t continue with the set-up if the battery is dead or nearly dead.

How To Connect OTBeat Burn

Download or Install the App 

Get the app from the App Store or Google Play if your heart rate monitor works with mobile apps or fitness tracking software. To get the app up and running, just do what it says.

Pair the Heart Rate Monitor with Your Device

Follow these instructions to couple your heart rate monitor with your smartphone or workout equipment through Bluetooth or ANT+ technology.

  • Turn on the heart rate monitor.
  • Put your smartphone or exercise machine into Bluetooth or ANT+ mode.
  • Find a variety of devices and pick out your preferred heart rate monitor.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions or input the pairing code if prompted to finish the pairing process.

Adjust and Wear the Heart Rate Monitor

Wear your heart rate monitor (whether it’s a chest strap or a bracelet) in the most convenient way for you during exercise. The belt should be tightened to lie just below the chest muscle to get the most accurate readings from a chest strap monitor. Wear a wristband monitor snugly, avoiding too much space and pressure.

Turn On the Heart Rate Monitor

If your heart rate monitor has a physical power button, press it to activate it. Specific heart rate monitors activate immediately when they sense motion or skin contact.

Test the Heart Rate Monitor

Check that the heart rate monitor gives you reliable readings once you’ve put it on and adjusted it to fit appropriately. Look at the monitor’s screen and the app’s task to see how your heart rate is doing. Compare the heart rate monitor’s results with the heart rate readings displayed on any workout equipment displays (treadmill, stationary cycle, etc.).

Set Target Zones 

Target heart rate zones are set in some heart rate monitors, making them useful for training focusing on improving your heart’s efficiency. Multiple colours typically represent various intensity levels of an exercise. If your heart rate monitor allows you to customise your target zones, you may do so by following the on-screen or written instructions.


If necessary, a heart rate monitor should be calibrated by the instructions provided by the device’s manufacturer. This is particularly frequent in high-tech fitness gadgets designed for niche activities like running and cycling.

Familiarise Yourself with Features

Users should know how to use the heart rate monitor to its full potential by taking the time to acquaint themselves with its settings and capabilities, such as the ability to record data and link to other applications.

3 Tips While Buying A Used Orangetheory Heart Monitor

Pose some questions

Be cautious about investigating the heart rate monitor’s history and condition with any private seller.

Verify the heart-rate monitor.

Check the condition of the heart rate monitor carefully before making a purchase.

Test the heart rate sensor.

Make sure the heart rate monitor is in good working condition once you’ve bought it.

Ending Up The Purchase Discussion

Fitness lovers who want to save money and have quicker access to a heart rate monitor wish to consider purchasing a used Orangetheory model. Can You Buy A Used Orangetheory Heart Monitor? Yes, but risks must be carefully evaluated, and the gadget must be checked for accuracy, functionality, and compatibility with the Orangetheory studio’s infrastructure—Prioritise cleanliness, comfort, and warranty choices when shopping for a secondhand heart monitor. If you put in the time and effort, you can obtain great results from your Orangetheory workouts, even using a used heart rate monitor.