Which Treadmill Is Used By Orangetheory? Revealing Customized Workout Plan!!!

As a fitness programme, Orangetheory is undeniably effective. This calorie-burning activity is becoming so popular because it is all three things: fun, friendly, and effective. Part of what has made this worldwide so popular is the Treadmill. Thus, they can’t utilise any old treadmill for high-intensity workouts. The next logical question is: Which Treadmill Is Used By Orangetheory? Let’s find out.

Which Treadmill Is Used By Orangetheory?

In the fitness industry, Orangetheory is well-known for its HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes. If you’re considering signing up for an Orangetheory class, you are curious about the kind of treadmills they have available.

The Freemotion REFLEXTM treadmill is the correct choice. This is the perfect treadmill for your Orangetheory workouts thanks to its high-intensity interval training (HIIT) capabilities.

Why is Freemotion ReflexTM Treadmill used at Orangetheory Fitness?

For a variety of reasons, Orangetheory makes use of the Freemotion Reflex T 11.3. 

  • The treadmill’s construction prioritises longevity, making it an excellent option for heavily-used commercial gyms. 
  • The Freemotion Reflex T 11.3 treadmill is great for Orangetheory workouts since it has a strong motor, large weight capacity, reflex cushioning, and an easy-to-use interface
  • In addition to its high-resolution screen and flexible training programmes, the treadmill helps users track their progress towards their fitness objectives in real-time. 
  • The Freemotion Reflex T 11.3 treadmill is ideally suited for Orangetheory and other fitness studios because of its high quality and ability to deliver intensive and productive exercise.

Freemotion REFLEXTM Treadmill Features

The Freemotion REFLEXTM treadmill is perfect for Orangetheory workouts because of its many features, such as

The Step Controls.

The treadmill’s speed and inclination adjustments are the two key characteristics that make it feel more like an outdoor workout. Most treadmills make it difficult, if not impossible, to quickly and easily access your preferred speed and inclination settings throughout your workout.

  • With their 1-step controls, FreeMotion fixed this issue for Reflex treadmills. Therefore, a single button press may achieve the desired inclination or descent.
  • There’s also a fast precision speed that lets you modify the inclination to coincide with your preferred pace of action.

Specialised Design and Model

The Freemotion Reflex T 11.3 Treadmill is a beautiful piece of machinery. The deck, the running area, the supporting handles, and the foundation are all built from high-quality materials that have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their strength, durability, and stability

Since it does not require assembly, you can use the treadmill immediately. Its sturdy construction makes it a popular choice for use in fitness centres. It has domestic applications as well. If you take the time to appreciate the flawless construction that exemplifies high-end craftsmanship, you won’t miss your old treadmill long!

Dynamic Engine

The 5.0 CHP motor delivers higher torque for faster acceleration, which is very useful while training for a full marathon. This motor has undergone rigorous testing and has dynamic spin-balancing for optimal performance.

Extensive Screen + LED Technology

The Reflex treadmills include a large LED screen display that facilitates using the treadmill’s one-step controls and fast, precise pace. This enables control over modifications. In addition, check your pace and time metrics without stopping or stooping down.

Deck with Shock Absorption

Treadmill workouts can harm your knees and other lower body joints. However, the Orangetheory Reflex treadmill incorporates a shock-absorbing surface as a cushioning mechanism. This function reduces the potential for joint damage from repeated treadmill workouts such as Orangetheory Partner Workout

Moreover, the treadmill’s shock absorption features allow for more effective running or walking, reducing tiredness and maximising productivity—the variety of speeds suits both experienced athletes and those just starting.

Weight Limitation

Most of us, if not all of us, began Orangetheory to lose some weight and, by extended exercises, some fat. Surprisingly, aerobic exercise, specifically treadmill running, is the most effective method for shedding excess pounds.

The REFLEXtreadmills at Orangetheory are ideal because they can support up to 400 pounds per person. As a result, being overweight is no longer a valid reason to avoid using OTF treadmills.

Simplified User Interface

The Freemotion REFLEXTM treadmill has an intuitive user interface. This is especially crucial for those who have never tried high-intensity interval training or are unfamiliar with treadmills.

Monitor Your Progress

If you want to keep tabs on your heart rate as you work out, the Freemotion REFLEXTM treadmill has you covered. This is crucial for maintaining motivation and maximising the benefits of your exercise routine.

Benefits of the Orangetheory Treadmill 

Through REFLEX incorporation, athletes see their progress in real-time. Individuals use this information to keep themselves motivated and track their development.

Successful Exercises

Orangetheory treadmill workouts such as Orange Everest At Orangetheory are designed to maximise calorie burn in a short amount of time by including interval training.

Lower Impact on the Joints

Treadmills is a more secure alternative for people with joint problems because of its cushioning mechanism, which lessens the force exerted on the joints during exercise.


The treadmill’s built-in capabilities to automatically alter the inclination and pace making it suitable for users of varying fitness levels.

Customized Orangetheory Treadmill Plan

Consultation with a healthcare provider or trained fitness instructor is recommended prior to beginning any fitness programme to verify that the programme is appropriate for the individual’s current health status and long-term goals. The following is an example of a personalised fitness plan which includes an Orangetheory treadmill exercise.

Fitness Goals

Improving cardiovascular endurance, burning calories, and increasing overall fitness level.


3-4 days per week.


60 minutes per session.


Each workout should begin with a 5-10 minutes warm-up at a 3.5-4.0 mph walking pace with 0% incline.

Quiet Down

In the final 5 minutes of every workout, you should walk at a slow, relaxed speed (between 3.0 and 4.0 miles per hour) with zero percent inclination to cool down.

The REFLEX Treadmill System

In order to maximise your calorie burn and afterburn impact, you should spend the majority of your treadmill workout (12-20 minutes) in theOrange Zone (84-91% of maximum heart rate).

Base Pace5 minutes4.0-5.0 mph1%Steady-state warm-up
Push Pace4 minutes6.0-7.0 mph1%Increased intensity
Base Pace1 minute4.0-5.0 mph1%Recovery
Push Pace4 minutes6.0-7.0 mph2%Higher intensity
Base Pace1 minute4.0-5.0 mph1%Recovery
All-Out1 minute8.0-9.0 mph2%Maximum effort
Base Pace1 minute4.0-5.0 mph1%Recovery
Push Pace4 minutes6.0-7.0 mph3%Highest intensity
Base Pace1 minute4.0-5.0 mph1%Recovery
All-Out1 minute8.0-9.0 mph3%Maximum effort
Base Pace1 minute4.0-5.0 mph1%Recovery
Push Pace4 minutes6.0-7.0 mph4%Highest intensity
Base Pace1 minute4.0-5.0 mph1%Recovery
All-Out1 minute8.0-9.0 mph4%Maximum effort
Cool Down5 minutes3.0-4.0 mph0%Gradual cool down

How Long Are You on the Treadmill at Orangetheory?

The treadmill portion of an Orangetheory class lasts for around 30 minutes. The aim is to maintain a “orange zone” heart rate for as long as possible throughout these intervals, which are of varied intensities.

The treadmill intervals usually begin with a warm-up and continue with a series of intervals. The intervals will test your physical and mental limits with a variety of intensities and velocities.

You’ll use the treadmill for a cooling down period after the intervals. Before going on to the floor exercises, now is a good moment to stretch and recuperate.

Is Orangetheory Cardio or Strength?

As a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Orangetheory blends cardio with strength exercises. In an Orangetheory class, the treadmill blocks are meant to increase your heart rate and burn calories, while the floor exercises are meant to increase muscle and strength.

Improve your cardiostrength, and endurance with the help of an Orangetheory workout like Orangetheory 3×3 Specialty Workout. To do this, perform both high- and low-intensity workouts alternately.

Turning Off the Treadmill Discussion

The Orangetheory Treadmill is a symbol of the worldwide popularity of Orangetheory Fitness. Which Treadmill Is Used By Orangetheory? REFLEXTM treadmill provides users with a stimulating and demanding exercise because to its state-of-the-art technology, personalised monitoring capabilities, and focus on interval-based training. The treadmill’s importance in helping people get in shape and change their lives is only increasing as Orangetheory Fitness expands.

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