How Much is Orangetheory Cost? 2023 Complete Class Fees + Schedule

Are you considering joining Orangetheory Fitness but want to know how much is Orangetheory? Orangetheory Fitness is a well-known fitness center that offers innovative and productive classes. 

To help you make an educated decision about your fitness journey, I have compiled a comprehensive cost analysis of Orangetheory Fitness memberships, additional fees and FAQS for this blog article.

Comprehending Orange Theory Exercise

How Much is Orangetheory Cost

Group exercise courses at Orangetheory Fitness are guided by trained instructors and adhere to the principles of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Their exercises are dynamic because they incorporate aerobic, weight training, and endurance work all in one. To increase calorie burn, participants should aim for the “Orange Zone,” in which they attain a desired heart rate zone.

How Much Is Orangetheory A Month?

There is an Orangetheory Fitness membership tier for every budget and fitness level. Pricing changes depending on proximity, services provided, and membership tier. Some of the more common types of membership are described here.

Basic Subscription:

While the Basic membership is the most cost-effective choice, it offers the fewest customization options. Only 4 OrangeTheory classes per month are included in this subscription. Those who are unfamiliar with Orangetheory or who don’t have a lot of time to devote to exercise weekly benefit from this.

The average monthly expense is $59 to $89.

Elite Membership: 

With this subscription, you can take more classes each month than you could with the Basic plan. The Elite membership level provides a reasonable compromise. The monthly membership includes 8 OrangeTheory workouts. People who want to be able to exercise regularly but don’t want to commit to an endless number of lessons each month may find this a decent compromise.

Between $99 and $159 a month is about average.

Premier Membership:

The Unlimited membership is the priceiest but also the most accommodating. Each month, you can attend as many Orangetheory workouts as your subscription allows. If you’re really into fitness and want to squeeze in as many workouts as possible, this is an excellent choice. With this subscription, you can attend as many classes as you like each month.

Monthly expenses average between $159 and $249.

Membership OptionMonthly Classes IncludedAverage Monthly ExpenseAverage Total Monthly Cost
Basic Subscription4 classes$59 to $89$59 to $89
Elite Membership8 classes$99 to $159$99 to $159
Premier MembershipUnlimited$159 to $249$159 to $249

Prices vary somewhat from place to place, so please keep that in mind. For specific price information in your region, it is best to contact your neighborhood Orangetheory Fitness facility directly or view their website.

Additional Cost

The membership fee isn’t the only expense you’ll incur; here are more to consider.

Heart Rate Monitors:

During exercises, Orangetheory Fitness members measure their progress with the use of heart rate monitors. The price of the device can vary from $69 to $129.

Joining Fee:

There is a one-time joining fee required at some Orangetheory Fitness locations. The average cost of membership is between $25 and $100.

Cancellation Fee:

If you need to discontinue your membership before the end of the contract period, you wil be charged a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees differ from studio to studio, so it’s essential to call your preferred location before canceling an appointment.

Additional CostsCost Range
Heart Rate Monitors$69 to $129
Joining Fee$25 to $100
Cancellation FeeVaries by location

2 Best Tips for Saving Money on Orangetheory Fitness

You can do a few things to reduce the cost of joining Orangetheory.

Try to find deals and special offers. 

When you sign up for a more extended subscription at Orangetheory, you may save money.

The Basic plan may be a good option if you don’t anticipate using all of your membership’s classes.

Split the cost of membership with a close relative or close friend. 

With Orangetheory’s Family Membership, up to 4 relatives can use a single subscription.

Participate in courses that are low-cost or even free. Free and less fee classes are occasionally available to new members and members who refer new members at Orangetheory.

Maximizing Your Orangetheory Fitness Experience

Take these suggestions into account if you want to get the most out of your Orangetheory Fitness subscription.

Attend regularly

Maintain a routine if you want to see progress.

Hydration and nutrition

To keep up with your rigorous exercise routine, you must eat well and drink plenty of water.

Communicate with Coaches

Discuss your requirements and goals with the trainers so they can create a program just for you.

Participate wholeheartedly

Participate actively in class and challenge yourself to reach your full potential.

Which membership plan is right for you?

Choose the Orangetheory subscription that best fits your requirements and budget. For those who are dedicated to their health and fitness and wish to maximize their workout time, the Unlimited membership is the way to go. 

The Elite membership is a fantastic choice if you want to be able to work out frequently without committing to an infinite number of courses each month. The Basic membership is a fantastic choice if you are new to Orangetheory or if you don’t have a lot of time to work out each week.

Is Orangetheory worth the cost?

It’s up for debate whether or not Orangetheory’s monthly fee is justified. Some individuals think Orangetheory is excessively pricey, while others think it’s worth every penny. Carefully assess the benefits and drawbacks of joining Orangetheory before making a commitment. Orangetheory, on the one hand, is an easy and productive approach to get in shape. However, it’s not the cheapest way to get in shape.

The choice to join Orangetheory is ultimately up to the individual. If you’re in the market for a quick and efficient exercise but don’t want to break the bank doing it, Orangetheory could be for you.

Is orangetheory expensive?

To what extent Orangetheory costs is up for debate. While some finds the price to be prohibitive, others may see it as money well spent.

How much is orange theory a class?

For the membership price, members can attend as many classes as they like. The drop-in rate for non-members is $28 per session.

However, keep in mind that the per-class cost with a subscription is typically lower than the drop-in rate. Because Orangetheory wants more people to join, this is the case.

How much is an orangetheory 10 class pass?

Orangetheory Fitness normally charges roughly $199 for a 10-class package. The precise cost, however, might change based on the season and studio’s location. Some gyms and fitness centers, for instance, may reduce the cost of class packs throughout the summer..

How much is orangetheory transformation challenge?

The normal fee to participate in the Orangetheory Transformation Challenge is $35. InBody scans at the start and finish of the challenge are included in the price. Weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, and even water weight may all be gauged with an InBody scan.

Participants in the Transformation Challenge have 8 weeks to reduce their body fat percentage to the greatest extent possible. At the conclusion of the challenge, the victors are revealed and awarded rewards like Orangetheory gift cards and fitness equipment.


How Much is Orangetheory? In sum, it’s wise to put some money toward improving your health and fitness. Orangetheory Fitness allows you to choose the membership that works best for you by providing several different plans. Before deciding on a fitness center membership, it’s essential to evaluate your motivation, finances, and time commitment. With the correct decision and commitment, Orangetheory Fitness may help you get in better shape and feel better about yourself.