What Is OrangeTheory Lift 45 Total Body 3 Training? Format, Equipment & Benefits

Orangetheory Fitness, a famous fitness studio, is well-known for its high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises, and they provide an extensive total-body training program called OrangeTheory Lift 45. So What Is OrangeTheory Lift 45 Total Body 3 Training? In simple words, Lift 45 is a time-efficient strength training program focusing on working your main muscle groups in only 45 minutes. This article will examine the fundamentals of OrangeTheory Lift 45, including the workout’s design, benefits, equipment, and rising popularity.

What Is OrangeTheory Lift 45 Total Body 3 Training

Complementing the cardio-centric Orangetheory HIIT exercises is the strength-focused OrangeTheory Lift 45 program. Strength, muscular endurance, and body composition are all things that are worked on with resistance training. The program provides a stimulating and demanding workout with various tools and methods for working out the entire body.

What Is OrangeTheory Lift 45 Total Body 3 Training

Why is It Called Lift 45?

Orangetheory Fitness Studios provide a strength training class called Lift 45 that lasts 45 minutes. In this program, participants expect to gain musclestrengthen their muscles, and speed up their metabolism

Typically, a Lift 45 session will include four blocks, each targeting a different set of muscles. Members complete the circuit-style workouts in each block by moving from one station to the next every 2-3 minutes.

What is Total Body 3?

Lift 45 has many variations like templates (there are 3 types of templates, in other words), but Total Body 3 emphasises the entire body. Like Lift 45, this session targets all major muscle groups with carefully curated exercises. Members who are short on time but want a full-body exercise will benefit greatly from Total Body 3. And also, you should know about the Updated Orange Theory Class Times Of 2023 | Mastering Your Schedule to save time.

Complete Workout of Lift 45 Total Body 3 Training

Each session is strategically divided into blocks with distinct goals to provide a well-rounded and efficient all-over body exercise. Below is a description of what to expect from each Lift 45 Total Body 3 class segment:

Warm-Up Block

  • A warm-up is performed at the start of class to get students’ muscles ready to work.
  • Jogging, jumping jacks, and high knees are all examples of modest cardiovascular exercises used as part of a warm-up to boost heart rate and blood supply to the muscles.
  • Improve your range of motion and flexibility with dynamic stretches and mobility exercises to lessen the likelihood of injury throughout your workout.
  • The 5-10 minute warm-up prepares the body for the following strength training.

Strength Training Blocks

  • In Lift 45 Total Body 3, you’ll spend most of your time on strength training exercises.
  • These segments can target specific muscle groups or work together to give you a full-body exercise.
  • Dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX suspension trainers, and resistance bands are some of the tools used in a sequence of resistance workouts led by coaches.
  • Squats, lunges, chest presses, rows, shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions, and a wide variety of other exercises are all fair game.
  • Depending on the workout framework, each exercise is performed for a certain number of repetitions or for a certain amount of time.
  • Coaches help to use good form and technique to limit the likelihood of injury and maximise performance.
  • Strength training blocks ordinarily last between 15 and 25 minutes to adequately test and tire the muscles.

Active Recovery Block

  • Typically, a short active recovery block is placed between sets of strength training to allow the trainee to rest their muscles and regain strength.
  • Light aerobic exercise or stretching is part of active rehabilitation to keep blood pumping and muscles from tiring out.

Accelerating Stress and Pressure

  • Instructors use progressive overload during the session to increase the difficulty of the exercises and test the participants’ muscular endurance.
  • This method encourages strength increases and guarantees steady improvement over time.
  • Based on their current fitness levels, coaches push their athletes to increase the intensity of their workout by using heavier weights, performing more repetitions, or making other adjustments to the exercises.

Cool-Down and Stretching

  • At the end of class, conduct a cool-down to help bring your heart rate down and get your muscles to relax.
  • Static stretching helps with flexibility and lessens the likelihood of muscular pain after a workout.
  • Maintaining flexibility and range of motion is achieved by regularly stretching large athletic groups such as hamstrings, quadriceps, chest, back, and shoulders.

Heart Rate Monitoring and Performance Tracking

  • The Lift 45 Total Body 3 class uses aheart rate monitor like other Orangetheory Fitness workouts Orange Everest At Orangetheory.
  • The participants wear heart rate monitors, and their data is sent to displays throughout the studio.
  • By monitoring their heart rates in real-time, participants control the intensity of their workouts for maximum fat-burning and fitness gains.
  • Class attendees will receive a performance review afterwards that details their calorie burn and heart rate monitoring.
Warm-Up– Prepares the body for the workout-Includes light cardiovascular exercises and dynamic stretchesApproximately 5-10 minutes– Elevate heart rate- Increase blood flow to muscles- Improve joint range of motion and flexibility
Strength Training– Focuses on resistance exercises targeting different muscle groups using equipment like dumbbells, etc.Approximately 15-25 minutes– Target upper body, lower body, and core- Progressive overload to challenge muscles- Emphasis on form
Active Recovery– Short recovery period between strength training blocksBriefly– Allows participants to catch their breath- Maintain blood circulation
Progressive Overload– Gradually increases resistance or intensity of exercises throughout the classThroughout the class– Promotes strength gains-Ensures continued progress over time
Cool-Down and Stretch– Concludes the class with a gradual cool-downApproximately 5-10 minutes– Lower heart rate- Allow the body to return to a resting state- Static stretching to improve flexibility
Heart Rate Monitoring– Utilizes heart rate monitoring technology to track participants’ effort level during the classThroughout the class– Gauges intensity and effort- Helps participants stay within target heart rate zones for optimal calorie burn

Block Wise Detail Dynamic Resistance Training Session

Block 1: Lower BodyBlock 2: Chest and TricepsBlock 3: Back and BicepsBlock 4: Core
SquatsBench PressesPull-upsCrunches
LungesPush-upsBent-over RowsRussian Twists
Hip HingesTriceps ExtensionsBicep CurlsPlanks
DeadliftsDipsHammer CurlsSide Planks
PlanksPlanksPlanksBird Dogs

Format of Orangetheory Lift 45 Total Body 3 Training

1. Jog in place
2. Plank pushup walkout
3. Alt runner’s lunge with alt arm reach
4. Good morning with arm reach
5. Walking downward 
6. 3 high knees switch
Row Side Block 1Row Side Block 2
1. Single weight deadlift on Right side for 20 sec1. Right side bench step up for 20 sec
2. Single weight deadlift on Left side for 20 sec2. Left side bench step up for 20 sec
3. Plank shoulder taps for 20 sec3. TRX Bicep Curls for 20 sec
4. Rest 30 sec, Repeat for 3 rounds4. 30 sec rest, Repeat for 3 rounds
Floor Side Block 1Floor Side Block 2
1. Miniband hip raises for 20 sec1. Split stance high row on right for 20 sec
2. Miniband toe reach for 20 sec2. Split stance high row on left for 20 sec
3. 20 sec rest, Repeat above for 4 rounds3. Lateral bench hops for 20 sec
All Sides (Finisher)
1. Right side lunge pulse for 20 sec
2. 5-sec transition
3. Left side lunge pulse for 20 sec
4. 10-sec transition
5. Bodyweight pulsing squats for 20 sec
6. 10-sec rest, Repeat one more time (only 2 rounds)

Utilization of a Wide Range of Equipment

OrangeTheory Lift 45 uses various equipment to provide a challenging and exciting exercise for its members. Examples of such tools are the dumbbell, the kettlebell, the TRX suspension trainer, the resistance band, and your own body. With so many options, you can switch up your routine in ways that keep you challenged and moving forward.

The workouts in Lift 45 Total Body 3 call for a wide range of apparatus, each serving a specific purpose. Nonetheless, some of the most often employed equipment in the classroom include:


Exercises like the chest press, row, and overhead press are all performed with dumbbells.

Medicine ball

Overhead throws, Russian twists, and chest presses are just some of how medicine balls are put to use in workouts.

TRX straps

Rows, chest presses, and planks are just some of the workouts that benefit from using TRX straps.

Workout Benches

Bench presses, rows, and dips are all activities that benefit from using a workout bench.

For individuals who are short on time but yet want to get the benefits of OrangeTheory, Lift 45 is the way to go. The entire body workout lasts only 45 minutes, so participants save time without sacrificing effectiveness. Also, you should want to know How Does OrangeTheory Waitlist Work? 2023 Code Broken!!! because time is the key.

Benefits of Lift 45 Total Body 3

Increased Stamina and Resistance in Muscles

Strength training exercises, when practised regularly, significantly increase muscular strength and endurance, resulting in greater functional fitness.

Weight Loss and Muscle Enhancement,

Weight loss efforts, can be aided by the metabolic and fat-burning benefits of strength exercise. Body shape and muscular tone are both enhanced with weight training.

Prevention of Injury

Injury is avoided in daily life and other physical activities by using resistance training to strengthen muscles and improve joint stability.

Flexibility for All Fitness Levels

Because the exercises in OrangeTheory Lift 45 can be adjusted for both novices and advanced lifters, the program is accessible to people of varying fitness levels.

Responsible Action and Inspiration

OrangeTheory Lift 45’s group setting encourages participants to support and push one another to achieve their fitness objectives.

Customization and Monitoring of Development

At Orangetheory Fitness, members modify the Lift 45 program to meet their needs. Trainers help clients work at their own pace by offering a variety of workout alternatives such as Orangetheory 3×3 Specialty Workout and adaptations. In addition, Orangetheory Fitness uses heart-rate monitoring to keep tabs on how hard people work and how far they’ve come during their sessions.

Safety Measures and Caution

Although OrangeTheory Lift 45 has been shown to be safe and effective, new exercisers and those with preexisting ailments should proceed with caution. If someone is experiencing pain or discomfort throughout the workout, they should notify the coach to make the necessary adjustments.

Who is Lift 45 Total Body 3 for?

People of all fitness levels can benefit from Lift 45 Total Body 3. But you should know that the lesson is difficult and calls for a particular degree of fitness. Start with a different class like Lift 45 Essentials (or any basic course) if you’re new to strength training, then work your way up to Lift 45 Total Body 3 as your fitness level increases.


Now you know What Is OrangeTheory Lift 45 Total Body 3 Training? Orangetheory’s Lift 45 Total Body 3 is a very effective strength training class focusing on the whole body. An efficient complete body exercise requires a series of distinct phases, including a warm-up, strength training, active recovery, and cool-down

Participants push themselves to their limits under the supervision of trained trainers and make considerable gains in strength, endurance, and general fitness by using a wide variety of tools. Participants safely push themselves to their limits and meet their fitness objectives with the help of the class’s emphasis on perfect technique, gradual overload, and heart rate monitoring.