5+ Tested Best Gloves For Orangetheory Of 2023

Are you ready to take your Orangetheory workouts to the next level? Consider this: a blaze of drive, a burning passion for fitness, and the ideal pair of gloves that stand between you and your ambitions. Whether you’re a seasoned Orangetheory fan or fresh to the thrilling world of heart-pounding exercises, one thing is sure: owning the best Orangetheory gloves is your secret weapon for reaching new heights of strength, endurance, and style. Get ready to lace up, gear up, and power up as we reveal the best gloves for orangetheory that will have you blazing through your fitness journey like never before!

Best Gloves For Orangetheory

We understand that choosing the ideal pair of Orangetheory gloves can make or break your exercise. Based on our research and expertise, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the finest gloves for Orangetheory. We have you covered if you need more grip, moisture-wicking material, or increased support. Take a look at our top selections below.

Regarding the best gloves for Orangetheory workouts, outstanding selections are the 

  • Best Overall: Fit Four Training Gloves
  • Also Great Option: Kansoon Workout Gloves
  • Stylish and Utility: Harbinger Women’s Power Gloves

These gloves have been carefully developed to improve your performance by providing excellent grip, comfort, and protection during those strenuous Orangetheory sessions. The Fit Four Training Gloves give adaptable support; the Kansoon Workout Gloves provide breathability and a snug fit, and the Harbinger Women’s Power Gloves blend style and utility to empower you on your fitness path.

6 Best Gloves For Orangetheory

Fit Four Training Gloves-Thumbnail
Fit Four Training Gloves
  • Enhanced Grip
  • Breathable Design
  • Easy on / Easy off
Best Exercise Gloves for Weight Lifting-thumbnail-1
Kansoon Workout Gloves
  • 127% Palm Protection
  • Silicone Grip
  • Cross Training
Under Armour Women's Training Gloves
Under Armour Women’s Training Gloves
  • Hook closure
  • Hand Wash
  • 84% Polyester, 16% Elastane
RYMNT Minimal Weight Lifting Gloves
RYMNT Minimal Gloves
  • Half Finger & Palm Protection
  • Extra Grip
  • Adjustable Strap & Ventilated Hole
SIMARI Workout Gloves
SIMARI Workout Gloves
  • Breathable Gloves
  • Elasticized Fabric
  • Exercise, Fitness, Gym Training
Harbinger Women's Power Gloves
Harbinger Women’s Power Gloves
  • StretchBack Comfort
  • Wrap-AroundThumb Protection
  • Padded Leather

1- Fit Four Training Gloves

Orange Theory Training Gloves

The Fit Four Training Gloves are a good choice if you’re looking for gloves that provide a secure grip throughout your energizing Orangetheory workouts.

Our experience with the Fit Four Training Gloves during an Orangetheory exercise emphasized its noteworthy grip qualities due to the PVC-coated honeycomb pattern that resisted slippage even during strenuous motions. The cotton-polyester blend composition made for a comfortable fit that kept us focused throughout the workout.

Furthermore, the brilliant green hemmed cuff added a stylish aspect to our training clothing, distinguishing these gloves. However, it should be noted that these gloves are only available in orange and X-large sizes, which may only suit some’s tastes. Furthermore, individuals looking for thicker gloves for increased protection may be disappointed with the 7-gauge palm thickness.

Final Verdict

The Fit Four Training Gloves are our top choice for Orangetheory exercise gloves because they balance comfort, style, and grip perfectly. Their performance and design make them a strong challenger in the world of training gloves, even if there are better options for those looking for thicker gloves or different color/size options.


  • The honeycomb-pattern PVC covering provides a firm grip, ensuring secure handling of weights and equipment.
  • Crafted from a comfortable cotton-polyester combination, prioritizing comfort throughout your workout routine.
  • The eye-catching green hemmed cuff adds a stylish touch to your workout attire.


  • The limited supply of orange and X-large sizes might not cater to all preferences.
  • The palm of the gloves is 7-gauge thick, which may not be ideal for those seeking a heavier choice.
  • These gloves may not be the best option for high-intensity activities when durability is critical.

2- Kansoon Workout Gloves


Each pair of KANSOON Workout Gloves has palm pads made from four recycled silicone coasters, which provide 127% more protection for your palms and a better grip throughout your workout.

Say farewell to calluses and blisters while gaining confidence in your exercises, thanks to improved comfort and grip!!

The fingers and back of the hand are covered in a perforated stretch material that not only improves ventilation but also provides exceptional mobility and a snug yet comfortable fit. The open-back design allows air to circulate, which helps dissipate heat and keeps your hands cool even during the most strenuous Orangetheory workouts.

These fitness gloves are designed for various gym tools, from training machines to free weights, dumbbells, and bars. Focus on your exercise without being distracted by sweat, thanks to the terry cloth thumb panel.

The KANSOON Workout Gloves are included with a free carrying case for easy transport and stowage. You can discover the right match for your taste and needs among the two color selections and three size ranges.

Final Verdict

The KANSOON Workout Gloves are the pinnacle of fitness equipment, providing unrivaled grip, comfort, and protection so that you can crush your Orangetheory workouts like never before. Get a pair right now and take your activities to exhilarating new levels.


  • Eco-friendly palm pads
  • Superior palm protection
  • Enhanced grip and anti-slip
  • Convenient terry cloth thumb panel


  • Limited color options
  • Not suitable for heavy lifting

3- Under Armour Women’s Training Gloves

Under Armour Women's Training Gloves

Need a more secure and comfortable grip for your Orangetheory workouts? The Under Armour Women’s Training Gloves are an excellent accessory for your Orangetheory activities. These gloves are the pinnacle of form and function, and they were made just for the ferocious female athlete.

These gloves provide you with a firm hold and crucial protection, whether weightlifting, completing HIIT sessions, or dominating the treadmill.

The top of the hand of the Under Armour Women’s Training Gloves is constructed with a textured, durable fabric that enhances grip on weights and other training tools. Push yourself to your limits with complete peace of mind because of the leather palm’s superior abrasion resistance and superb grip.

The breathability provided by the perforations on the palms and the tops of the hands is sufficient to keep your hands dry and comfortable even during the most strenuous of exercises. The terry cloth thumb panel provides a quick and easy way to remove sweat, allowing you to keep working without distraction.

When used in conjunction with the adjustable wrist strap, the elastic wristband provides unparalleled support for even the heaviest of lifts. The gloves won’t fall off, providing the steadiness you need for your finest performance.

These gloves are elastic and durable since they are made from a combination of 84% Polyester and 16% Elastane. The hook fastener guarantees a secure grip and a comfortable fit that follows the natural shape of a woman’s hand.

Final Verdict

Finally, the Under Armour Women’s Training Gloves are a must-have piece of gloves for every fitness enthusiast’s arsenal. They have the characteristics you need to improve your performance, safeguard your hands, and give you a fashionable edge, so they’re perfect for Orangetheory fans and other fitness warriors. Get geared up, and go crush those fitness objectives!


  • Textured, durable fabric for enhanced grip
  • Leather palm for optimal protection & grip
  • Perforations enhance breathability
  • Terry cloth thumb panel for sweat management
  • Adjustable wrist strap for added support


  • May run slightly small
  • Not touchscreen compatible
  • May not suit those with larger hands

4- RYMNT Minimal Gloves

The RYMNT Minimal Gloves are what you need for your Orangetheory workouts since they provide a secure grip without restricting your movement. You can trust that your hands will be comfortable and functional even during the most strenuous exercises thanks to the careful design of these gloves, which strike the ideal balance between protection and mobility.

The RYMNT Minimal Gloves are what you need for your Orangetheory workouts since they provide a secure grip without restricting your movement. You can trust that your hands will be comfortable and functional even during the most strenuous exercises thanks to the careful design of these gloves, which strike the ideal balance between protection and mobility.

The RYMNT Minimal Gloves are the most versatile gloves on the market due to its half-finger design and small palm size. Silicone finger grips and palm inserts in the micro workout glove design not only boost grip and movement and protect against sweaty, ripping, and slippery hands. Thanks to these gloves, you won’t have to worry about getting blisters or cuts.

These gloves include an adjustable hook-and-loop strap clasp to get a snug yet comfortable fit, and they’ll stay put during even the most challenging workouts. The opening at the back of the hand that allows air to circulate helps to keep your hands cool and comfortable so that you can focus on your activity.

These gloves are the multipurpose addition to your Orangetheory program that you’ve been looking for. They are ideal for various exercises, including rope climbing, chin-ups, pull-ups, bodybuilding, deadlifts, dumbbell exercises, kettlebell sessions, and more. If you don’t like these gloves for any reason, you can send them back to the RYMNT brand and get a full refund or a new pair.

Final Verdict

Get the most out of your workouts by equipping yourself with the RYMNT Minimal Gloves. Say farewell to weakness and welcome to strength and self-assurance. If you want to get the most out of your Orangetheory workouts, you must invest in a pair of RYMNT Minimal Gloves immediately.


  • Apple Watch friendly
  • Complete palm and finger coverage
  • Enhanced grip with silicone grips
  • Reduces friction discomfort
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop strap closure
  • Breathable ventilated hole on the back
  • Versatile for a range of exercises


  • Not suitable for full hand coverage
  • Limited color options

5- SIMARI Workout Gloves

SIMARI Workout Gloves

For the most comfortable and secure grip possible during your intense Orangetheory workouts, look no further than the SIMARI Workout Gloves. These gloves were designed with the fitness enthusiast in mind and are loaded with amenities to improve your exercise.

The palm region of the SIMARI Workout Gloves is cushioned with a high-density sponge pad that works to soften the impact of weights and other training equipment. This will not only provide you with a pleasant training experience, but it will also protect your hands from getting calluses and blisters.

These gloves are built with lightweight elastic materials that allow for maximum airflow and heat dissipation during even the most strenuous of exercises. These gloves are great for weightlifting, fitness sessions, cycling, and other workouts because of their extraordinary flexibility, allowing them to contour securely to your hands while allowing for freedom of movement.

The anti-slip silica gel on the palm is one of the most notable aspects, as it provides a better grip that lessens hand numbness and wrist strain. Extra wrist support from the adjustable wrap straps means you can train harder without risking harm.

These gloves, made from premium microfiber fabrics, are exceptionally durable and won’t fade or scratch. Pull buckles at the fingertips allow for quick removal, and a terry cloth wipe at the base of the thumb makes for a more comfortable exercise.

The SIMARI Workout Gloves are unisex and can be used for various activities, including weightlifting, gym work, cycling, pull-ups, and rows. As a result of their versatility, they should be considered an integral part of any exercise regimen.

Final Verdict

With the SIMARI training Gloves, your training will be more comfortable, safer, and more productive than ever before. These gloves are the best there is because your hands are worth it.


  • Thicked palm pad for shock absorption
  • Lightweight and breathable elastic fabric
  • Anti-slip silica gel palm for a strong grip
  • Adjustable wrist wrap straps for personalized comfort
  • Versatile design for various exercises


  • May not fit extremely large hands
  • Limited size range
  • Not suitable for heavy lifting

6- Harbinger Women’s Power Gloves

Harbinger Women's Power Gloves

The Harbinger Women’s Power Gloves will take your Orangetheory exercise to the next level. This open-back, half-finger-length training gloves are ideal for individuals who want maximum grip and safety when tackling free weights and gym machines. These gloves are an investment in your performance and comfort during exercise; they are not just a necessary piece of equipment.

The Harbinger Women’s Power Gloves are a great option if you’re looking for fashionable and protective gloves to use during your Orangetheory workouts. You may lift free weights and use exercise machines confidentlybecause of their half-finger length design, which strikes an ideal mix between grip and dexterity.

Thumb protection has been beefed up with a double layer of leather to prevent wear and tear even during the toughest of workouts. Thanks to the Vented Stretchback mesh’s high breathability and stretchability combination, your hands will stay relaxed and comfortable.

These gloves’ cushioned leather palms provide a soft landing for your hands but also improve your grip and make them last longer. The pull button on the completely adjustable wrist clasp makes it simple to take off after a strenuous workout. The gloves come in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of hand sizes, and their precise measurements guarantee a comfortable fit.

The limited color palette of the Harbinger Women’s Power Gloves is more than made up for by its practical design and well-considered extras. 

Final Verdict

These Orangetheory-specific gloves are built to assist your hands and wrists no matter where you are on your fitness journey. Invest in a pair of the Harbinger Women’s Power Gloves and see the improvement they make in your workouts for yourself.


  • Strong grip for free weights and machines
  • Vented Stretchback mesh for breathability
  • Enhanced thumb protection with dual-layer design
  • Padded leather palm for comfort and durability


  • Some users may prefer full-finger gloves
  • Limited color options
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty lifting


Do I need to wear gloves for Orangetheory?

Gloves are not required for Orangetheory, but they can help you avoid blisters and calluses and give you a better grip while using resistance equipment like dumbbells and rowing machines. A nice pair of gloves can be a lifesaver if your hands are very delicate or if you often lift big weights.

What type of gloves should I wear for Orangetheory?

Your demands and preferences will determine the gloves that work best for Orangetheory. Padded palm gloves are ideal if you have particularly delicate hands. You need gloves with a tough palm that gives you a firm grip if you’re going to be lifting hefty weights. In addition, you should wear wrist-supporting gloves if you have a history of wrist injuries.

How do I choose the right size gloves for Orangetheory?

The correct size of gloves is essential for Orangetheory. Wearing gloves that are too small can be painful and limiting. Too-large gloves will be loose and may not offer sufficient grip or wrist support. Trying on gloves is the best approach to determine the correct size.


The appropriate gear makes all the difference in the challenging world of Orangetheory workouts. Achieving fitness requires a combination of time, effort, and the correct tools, such as the best gloves for orangetheory. The Harbinger Women’s Power Gloves stand out among the many possibilities. 

With features like reinforced thumb protection and cushioned palms, these gloves will help you achieve your goals by improving your performance and grip. From Fit Four Training Gloves to the Harbinger Women’s Power Gloves, these fuel your road to becoming your most fabulous self.

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