Do Peloton Shoes Run True To Size | Reality Or Myth?

The Peloton brand of stationary cycles is very well-liked since it enables riders to participate in virtual spin sessions without leaving the house. Many potential Peloton cycle buyers want to know do Peloton shoes run true to size.

Do Peloton Shoes Run True To Size

Yes, you got that right! Shoes from Peloton tend to run true to size. However, some customers have complained that the shoes are too tiny. If that’s the case, go with the larger size instead of the smaller one.

Do you want to know more about your perfect peloton-size shoes? Here is a brief peloton shoe size chart for you.

Sizes for men’s Peloton shoes run from 40 to 48 EU (7 to 13.5 US), and measures for women’s go from 36 to 43 EU (5 to 12 US).

When choosing the right size in Peloton shoes, it’s crucial to consider your personal foot form and size. Although Peloton shoes tend to run true to size, it’s best to try them on in person or use a sizing guide, such as the one supplied by Peloton or another trusted source.

Doing so will guarantee you the most comfortable Peloton exercise possible, as well as the most fantastic possible fit for your feet.

Overview of Peloton Shoes

Many people who enjoy riding inside prefer to wear Peloton shoes. These shoes are made to clip onto Peloton cycles for a safer and more effective workout. Finding the correct size is crucial for both convenience and safety reasons.

What is Peloton Shoes?

Shoes made specifically for use with Peloton cycles are called “Peloton shoes.” The three-bolt cleat system makes clipping in and out of the pedals a breeze. The hard sole of the shoes aids in transferring the rider’s weight to the pedals while yet allowing the rider’s feet to breathe.

Why is size important?

There are a number of reasons why it’s crucial to get Peloton shoes in the correct size. Its primary function is to make sure you have a relaxing trip. Shoes that don’t fit properly increase the risk of foot pain and damage. Having shoes that fit properly is also important for optimal cycling performance. If your footwear is excessively large or tiny, it will be easier to maintain a stable riding position and distribute your energy effectively.

How well do Peloton shoes fit?

A sizing guide for Peloton sneakers indicates that the brand runs true to size. However, some customers have complained that the shoes are too tiny. If that’s the case, go up a size instead of down. The sizes of Peloton shoes cater to both men and women. Sizes for males are available from 40 to 48 (EU), or 7 to 13.5 (US), while sizes for ladies are available from 36 to 43 (EU), or 5 to 12 (US). If you’re in between sizes, order the larger one.

The width of your foot is another factor to think about while shopping for Peloton shoes. The footwear comes in standard and wide widths to cater to customers with varying foot sizes. The Boa closure system used in Peloton shoes enables for each individual’s feet to be snugly held in place. The Boa system allows the wearer to easily adjust the fit of their shoes with the turn of a dial.

Peloton shoes and SoulCycle

Wearing your Peloton shoes to a SoulCycle class is not a problem. During your SoulCycle workout, you can devote your full attention since the cleats on your Peloton shoes will easily clip into the pedals of your SoulCycle cycle.

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Peloton Shoe Size Chart: Important Considerations

Peloton’s website features a comprehensive shoe size chart to help clients get the appropriate fit. The length of your foot and instructions on how to measure it may be found on this chart, along with measurements in both US and EU sizes.

Feedback and genuine Reviews

Reviews and customer feedback are great ways to gauge how true-to-size Peloton shoes are. Finding out if the shoes typically run true to size or if changes need to be made by reading reviews written by people who have already purchased and used the shoes might be helpful.

Individual Preferences

When it comes to picking out a pair of shoes, everyone has their own unique tastes. Others choose a slightly looser fit for increased comfort on longer rides, while other people prefer a snug fit for improved power transfer and stability. Determine your Peloton shoe size based on your preferences and any unique foot traits, such as broad or thin feet.

Tips To Find the Perfect Peloton Shoe Size

Take Your Shoe Size

You should measure your feet using a ruler or a measuring tape to get the right size. The length of your foot may be easily determined by following Peloton’s online instructions. Determine your Peloton shoe size by comparing your dimensions to the chart provided.

Give half sizes a thought

Choose the larger size if you are on the border between two sizes on the Peloton shoe size chart. This provides some breathing room, which is especially welcome on lengthy journeys.

First Try, Then Buy

Get a feel for the fit of a pair of Peloton shoes before buying them online or at a retail shop. You can use this information to decide if you need to get a larger or smaller size.


Do peloton shoes stretch?

Peloton shoes are not very stretchy. They are not highly elastic because they are constructed from various synthetic materials, including plastic, cloth, and velcro. The upper of the shoe is stiff, too, adding to the snug fit.

Do peloton shoes run small?

Although most Peloton shoes are true to size, the widths might be small. You need to get bigger if your feet are pretty broad.

Do peloton shoes run big or small?

While most customers have found that Peloton shoes fit as expected, a few have noted that they run on the small side. To get the right size for your feet, check the Peloton shoe size chart and read reviews from other customers.


Do peloton shoes run true to size? Now you got the answer!!! Peloton shoes are designed to be true to size, but you must consider your foot shape, personal preferences, and user feedback when deciding which size is best for you. If you take the time to measure your feet precisely and use the Peloton shoe size chart, you’ll have a far better chance of getting a pair that fits perfectly. Because everyone has different sizes on a few pairs of shoes, is essential to discover the one that fits you best and provides the most support and stability.