Do Peloton Shoes Work At Cyclebar? Comprehensive Guide 2023

The popularity of indoor cycling studios like Peloton and CycleBar has skyrocketed in recent years. Peloton shoes are widely used in Peloton studios; many wonders do peloton shoes work at CycleBar?

Do Peloton Shoes Work at CycleBar


Peloton shoes have a cleat system made specifically for use with Peloton cycles. SPD-SL is an alternative cleat system that CycleBar uses. Since the studs on Peloton shoes are not designed to work with the pedals at CycleBar, this is an inconvenience for Peloton shoe owners who want to ride at CycleBar. Because the CycleBar has different cleat numbers, the peloton works great with SoulCycle but only slightly more efficiently with the CycleBar.

It’s worth noting that there are methods for adapting Peloton shoes for use at CycleBar. To utilise their Peloton shoes with SPD-SL pedals, some cyclists prefer to buy an adapter; others choose to swap out the studs on their Peloton shoes with SPD-SL versions. Those who like utilising their Peloton shoes at CycleBar may find these alternatives, which need additional expenditure, to be a good option.

Peloton Shoes

Peloton bikes feature Look Delta studs; therefore, Peloton-specific footwear is required. The studs are already attached to the shoes, and you can’t use any other brand or style of studs with them. You can only use your Peloton shoes on a Peloton cycle, but you can get a set of Look Delta studs if you want to use them on other bikes.


SPD studs on Cyclebar bikes can’t be used with Peloton pedals and shoes. You’ll need to buy an adaptor that converts the SPD studs on your Cyclebar bike to the Look Delta studs on your Peloton shoes. The SM-SH41 Cleat Adapter is one example of a shoe that may be used with SPD studs.

Point To Consider

Using an adaptor alters your footwear’s feel and functionality, so keep that in mind. If the adapter raises the height of your shoe’s sole, you may find it more challenging to maintain your equilibrium when cycling. It’s also possible that the adaptor won’t allow for as smooth an engagement or release as a regular SPD cleat.

You can’t just go on a Cyclebar bike and start pedalling in your Peloton shoes. Shoes designed for the Peloton cannot be used on Cyclebar cycles without an adaptor. Before making a change, consider how it can affect your fit and performance

Peloton shoes have their advantages and disadvantages at CycleBar, which are as follows:


  • Lightweight and supportive
  • Compatible with CycleBar pedals
  • Potential to enhance physical training results


  • Not ideal for beginners & bit Expensive
  • Additional expenses for expert installation

How to make Peloton Shoes compatible with Cyclebar?

Look Delta studs, which have 3 mounting holes used by CycleBar and Peloton, are the standard.

The pedals at CycleBar are compatible with the studs on your Peloton shoes if they have three holes.

If your Peloton shoes only have one cleat hole, you use whichever cleats you choose, but if they have two, you’ll need to get a separate set of Look Delta cleats. Cleats are available for purchase from both Peloton and other vendors.

When you finally acquire the cleats, you’ll need to have a professional fit them to your shoes. This can be done at any CycleBar location or bike store.


People often question if they use their Peloton shoes in other indoor cycling studios like Cyclebar, even though they are made specifically for use with Peloton cycles. The advantages of using Peloton shoes at Cyclebar are as follows:


Peloton shoes are recommended for use at Cyclebar because of their adaptability to individual foot shapes. Peloton shoes are adjustable to provide a tight fit and come in a wide variety of sizes and widths. This can alleviate any stiffness or agony your feet might be experiencing during the journey.


Using Peloton shoes when cycling at the Cyclebar, efficiency can be increased. Peloton footwear is typically lightweight and rigid to provide a more efficient power transmission to the pedals. You’ll be able to go further and quicker with less effort.

In addition, Peloton shoes are compatible with clip-in pedals, so you may ride safely and efficiently. With clip-in pedals, you can do more than just press down on the pedals, working different muscle groups in your legs.

Options for using Peloton Shoe at CycleBar

If you still want to utilise your Peloton shoes at CycleBar despite the cleat compatibility issue, here are some things to think about:

Don’t forget your pedals!

It is possible to ride with your own pedals at some CycleBar locations. If you already possess a pair of Peloton shoes, you swap out the pedals on the CycleBar for those. It is important to check with your local CycleBar studio ahead of time to see what their rules are regarding the use of additional pedals.

Add-ons for cleats

You can get cleat adapters that let you to go from Delta cleats to SPD cleats, and vice versa. Peloton shoes are converted to use with SPD pedals at CycleBar by adding an adaptor to the studs. The efficiency and dependability of such adapters might vary, so it’s crucial to do your homework before making a purchase.

 Don’t Miss 

Shoe rentals from CycleBar

If you want to avoid dealing with the hassle of carrying your own pedals or adapters, CycleBar offers cycling shoe rentals. If you need a pair of quality cycling shoes to wear during class, most CycleBar studios provide shoe rental options. This manner, you may have a pleasant and secure trip without having to buy new shoes.


Do peloton shoes work at CycleBar? Although Peloton shoes are not designed to work with SPD pedals, such as those used by CycleBar, workarounds are available. You have a great time indoor riding at CycleBar whether you bring your pedals, utilise cleat adapters, or rent shoes from the shop. Always double-check the guidelines and suggestions of your neighbourhood CycleBar studio. Keep your spirits up and give it your all to get the most out of your time spent indoors riding.