Does Orangetheory Have Showers And Lockers? Essentials, Timing & Tips

Luxury amenities, science-supported workout sessions, and cutting-edge technology set OrangeTheory Fitness apart.

Naturally, everyone who joins an OrangeTheory club is pleased with the quality of services they receive. However, considering buying a subscription from them, you should review the following information.

Is it true that OrangeTheory Studios provides amenities like locker rooms and showers? You may not value these conveniences highly, but someone who must go to work or school immediately after a workout would.

You wouldn’t want to appear sweaty, sticky, filthy, and dirty, would you?

That is why it is critical to understand does orangetheory have showers and lockers? How big are the lockers? How clean are the showers? We hope to address all of your concerns in this post.

Does Orangetheory Have Showers And Lockers?

Does Orangetheory Have Showers And Lockers

Yes, there are locker rooms and showers at most OrangeTheory Fitness locations. There can be some exclusions, so it’s best to call the studio in your area to be sure.


One or two showers are usually available for members following OrangeTheory workouts. The locker area doubles as a place to change and keep your possessions, and it’s also where you’ll find the showers. Showering at OrangeTheory requires you to bring your towel.


There are usually only a few lockers at OrangeTheory gyms for members to utilize. Because of the limited space, students must carefully consider what they bring to class. If you want to use the lockers, you must bring your lock.

How About an Orangetheory Bathroom and Changing Room?

Orangetheory Studios provides spacious, individual changing rooms where you can even dry your hair. The clean showers are stocked with feminine hygiene goods, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, hair ties, and deodorant.

In addition, people who don’t have a towel can use one of Orangetheory’s.

As the orangetheory provide special discount to the students, most students go straight home after class, so the showers are rarely used; nonetheless, the regular facilities are well-equipped for changing, including soap and towels.

Different goods found in each restroom are designated for a specific gender. Find your standard fare of toiletriesincluding soaps, shower gels, fragrances, shampoos, etc.

In most situations, the ladies’ room has more excellent amenities. They provide a wide variety of feminine hygiene items and the usual toiletries.

Each OrangeTheory Fitness location, however, is independently owned and operated. Therefore, these establishments’ quality and variety of shower amenities vary widely.

So, some studios provide shampoo and shower gel, while others merely provide soap. As a result, before signing up for a gym membership, everyone should carefully assess the club’s amenities.

Some OrangeTheory locations require members to provide shower supplies, such as soap and shampoo; however, this is different.

Does OrangeTheory Provide Towels?

Towels for the shower are not provided for OrangeTheory members. The franchise often instructs members to carry their towels in a duffel bag to enforce rigorous sanitation policies.

There are, however, a few notable exceptions. A few high-end OrangeTheory Fitness locations provide complimentary towel service, especially in major cities like San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles.

You should always call ahead and confirm that your local OrangeTheory gym supplies towels if you need clarification.

What to do if you forget your towel at home after an OrangeTheory workout?

  • To dry off after your workout, bring a big towel.
  • To clean the tools before and after usage, bring a small towel.
  • Remove any dirt or debris from your towel before using it.

Are These Lockers Reliable?

The materials used, the quality of the build, and the presence of safety mechanisms all contribute to a locker’s dependability. In comparison to their mechanical counterparts, electronic lockers are widely regarded as being more trustworthy. This is because digital locks used in electronic lockers are far more reliable than their mechanical counterparts.

Some of the things that might compromise a locker’s dependability are as follows:


Steel lockers are far more secure than their plastic counterparts because of the material’s superior strength.


Robust lockers are less likely to be broken into than those with weak hinges and latches.

Protection Mechanisms

Those equipped with electronic locks or biometric scanners are safer than lockers without security measures.

Pro Tip:

For peace of mind, choose a locker built to last out of sturdy materials, has a foolproof design, and is equipped with safety measures. Use a sturdy lock to protect your things while they are stored in the locker.

Does Orangetheory Have Locker Rooms?

The majority of OrangeTheory Fitness locations do provide changing rooms. However, there are some exceptions, so it’s better to double-check with your neighborhood studio first.

OrangeTheory gyms often have tiny, mixed-gender changing rooms. Because of the scarcity of lockers, students must carefully choose what they bring to class. The lockers require that you supply your lock.

In addition to lockers, OrangeTheory facilities’ locker rooms often have,

  • Showers
  • Toilets
  • A water fountain
  • A changing area

Tips for Showering at Orangetheory

Before Shower

  • sign-up form for the showers is found at some OrangeTheory locations. This is to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to use the showers.
  • The showers are jam-packed right after morning classes when they are most in demand. Keep your cool and treat the group with respect.
  • You can carry a change of clothing and shower at home instead of using the public shower.

For Shower

  • Remember your towel! You’ll need to bring your towel to OrangeTheory because they don’t give any.
  • cool shower can help. The mirrors will only fog up slowly if you do this.
  • Keep track of the time. In most cases, you only have 10 minutes to shower.
  • Always consider the feelings of others. After using the shower, please clean it down.
  • Use a basket or a bag to collect your wet garments. The locker room will stay cleaner as a result of this.

Ending The Bath Session!!

Now you have an idea about does orangetheory have showers and lockers. The majority of OrangeTheory Fitness locations have locker rooms and showers. However, there are some exceptions, so it’s better to double-check with your neighborhood studio first. In the locker room, you may change and leave your items while working out. Showering at OrangeTheory requires you to bring your towel. You can change in the studio before or after class if the locker room is too intimidating. You should wear loose, comfortable clothing for exercise, like wearing the best gloves and soft leggings that won’t restrict your movement. Also, wear some shoes best for Orangetheory.