How to Freeze Orangetheory Membership? Methods, Fees, & Renewal Tips

When life throws you a curveball, staying on top of your workout program can be challengingOrangetheory Fitness, a well-liked gym specializing in high-intensity interval training, allows its customers to pause their subscriptions if they want to temporarily. To help you stay in charge of your fitness journey, this post will explore how to Freeze Orangetheory Membership and many techniques 

How to Freeze Orangetheory Membership?

How to Freeze Orangetheory Membership

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) programs are available at Orangetheory Fitness, a prominent fitness business. You are wondering how to put your Orangetheory subscription on freeze if you already have one. Here are quick instructions provided below.

  • Make a call to the studio manager. 
  • Please complete the freeze form
  • Get the account frozen by paying the cost.
  • Your membership will be suspended.

Why Freeze OTF Membership?

The unexpectedness of life might make it challenging to keep up with your regular exercise routine. There are times when putting your OrangeTheory subscription on hold is the best choice:

Temporary Relocation:

Freezing your subscription allows you to put a hold on payments while you’re away from an area without an Orangetheory studio.

Health Related Reasons:

Your subscription can be put on hold, or “frozen,” so you won’t be charged for any workouts you miss due to an injury, surgery, or other medical issue.

Vacation or Travel:

Are you contemplating a lengthy trip? Avoid paying for classes you won’t be able to make by “freezing” your subscription.

Work Commitments 

It’s challenging to get to class during peak work times. Instead of canceling completely, you can put your membership on hold.

Methods for Freezing Your Orangetheory Membership:

Your membership can be put on hold in several ways at most Orangetheory Fitness locations. Please check with your local studio for the most up-to-date information since some regulations and processes differ from place to location. These are the most typical approaches:

Freezing ReasonsDescriptionDurationProcess
Medical FreezeFor medical reasons or injuriesUp to 3 monthsProvide a medical note to your studio
Travel/Vacation FreezeFor planned vacations or travelUp to 2 monthsRequest the freeze online or at the studio
Temporary Relocation FreezeFor temporary movesUp to 6 monthsProvide proof of relocation and freeze request
General FreezeFor other valid reasonsUp to 3 monthsContact the studio directly

You may put a hold on your Orangetheory subscription in one of two ways:


You can visit your studio and talk to the management there. They will be able to guide you through the procedure and address any concerns you might have.


Your subscription can be put on hold indefinitely online. 

  • The first step is to access your account on the Orangetheory website. 
  • To temporarily suspend your membership, go to the “Membership” menu and choose “Freeze Membership.” 
  • There is a paperwork and a charge associated with placing a freeze on your account.
In-studio– You can get help from the studio manager– You may have to wait in line
Online– You can do it from home– You may have to wait for a response from customer service

How To Freeze Orangetheory Membership?

Reach Out to the Studio

Please contact your nearby Orangetheory Fitness studio via phone, email, or in person. The studio staff will instruct you on how to pause your membership and what paperwork is necessary.

Choose Your Freeze Method

Select the sort of freeze you need (medical, travel, relocation, or general) according to your circumstances. There are different proof-of-identity requirements for specific categories.

Remember the Paperwork!

Medical Freeze:

Get a note from your doctor outlining your ailment and the suggested length of time you should be frozen.

Travel/Vacation Freeze:

You can fill out a paper or online form to request a freeze at the studio. Let them know when the freeze will begin and end.

Freeze on Temporary Relocation:

Include documentation with your freeze request showing that you have temporarily relocated, such as a lease agreement or power bill.

General Freeze:

You should tell the studio why you need to freeze your account and give any necessary proof.

Confirmation and Evaluation

The studio team will examine the paperwork and the freeze request. You will be notified of the start and end dates of the freeze period once they have been authorized.

Renewal of Membership

Contact the studio to reinstate your membership after the frozen period ends. You can be asked to update your payment details and choose a subscription plan as part of this process.

Essential Points to Consider

Notice Period

In most cases, studios need advance notification to freeze. Get the freeze started early, much before you want it to take effect.

Membership Billing

Membership dues are often put on hold during a freeze. Find out from the studio whether there are any administrative or freeze fees.

Class Points

Don’t let your hard-earned class credits expire by not using or renewing them before you freeze.

Freeze Limits

There are restrictions on how many times in a specific period you can put your membership on hold. Find out the studio’s rules by contacting them.

Cancellation Policies

It’s important to distinguish between freezing and canceling your membership. During the freezing time, you can find out how to cancel if you decide to do so later. There are 7+ ways to cancel OTF Membership, so don’t miss out on anything.

How Much Does It Cost To Freeze Orangetheory Membership?

Orangetheory Studios can charge up to $15 monthly to put your membership on hold while you travel. Freezing your membership could be an option if you need to take a break from the gym due to health issues. A doctor’s letter is required for your studio manager.

How Long Can You Freeze Orangetheory Membership?

You can put your Orangetheory membership on hold for 30-60 days twice a year. Your subscription can be put on hold for up to 120 days annually.

If you need to put your membership on hold for more than 60 days, you can do so with the agreement of the studio manager; however, this must be done in advance.

Can You Pause Orangetheory Membership?

It is possible to put your Orangetheory subscription on hold. In the lingo, this is called “freezing” your membership. Your subscription can be put on hold for up to two separate 30-day and 60-day periods per calendar year.

What happens to my unused classes?

Any remaining classes will be lost/ wasted when an Orangetheory subscription is on hold. After your membership is put on hold, you can no longer access them.

Before you put your membership on hold, consider these strategies for making the most of your class time:

Schedule your courses in advance.

Get the most out of your subscription by attending as many sessions as possible before it expires.

Invite a friend.

Bring a buddy/guest who is an Orangetheory member to your courses, and they can utilize the time you don’t need.

Make use of the unlimited pass.

All Orangetheory locations honor unlimited passes, so you can utilize your courses wherever you like.

Can I freeze my membership if I am on a contract?

If you are currently under contract with Orangetheory, you can put your membership on hold at any time. But there are some considerations to make.

Pay a fee. 

Freezing a membership at several gyms costs money, even if you’re already a paying member. The cost is different for each studio.

Give advance notice. 

To put your membership on hold at some gyms, you must offer at least 30 days’ notice.

Time limits how long you can freeze your membership. 

At some studios, your membership is only on hold for a few days per year at some studios.

Things To Check

If you are on a contract with Orangetheory and are considering freezing your membership, here are some extra considerations to bear in mind:

  • If you decide to discontinue your membership before the end of the grace period once it has been unfrozen, you are charged a termination fee.
  • Your subscription should not be put on hold/frozen during the midst of a paying period.
  • If you have any outstanding bills, you cannot put a hold on your membership.

Contact the studio manager if you have questions about placing a hold on your Orangetheory subscription.


The unexpectedness of life shouldn’t disrupt your efforts to be in shape. Freezing your membership at Orangetheory Fitness lets you continue your fitness journey without worrying about losing access to your favorite classes. 

How to Freeze Orangetheory Membership? You successfully put your Orangetheory membership on freeze and return to your high-intensity workouts whenever you choose by following the stated procedures and instructions. Always keep lines of communication open with your nearby studio to ensure a seamless freezing procedure.

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