What are Orangetheory Splat Points? Cracking The Code To Get Maximum

As the fitness industry is always developing, Orangetheory Fitness has become a game-changer by introducing a new method for people to think about their exercises, called “Splat Points.” Here, you’ll find all you need to know about What are Orangetheory Splat Points, and how to maximize their value inside the Orangetheory Fitness system, from a detailed explanation of what they are to detailed instructions on how to earn them. Finally, we’ll go into a carefully planned fitness routine that includes how to get Splat Points naturally, allowing you to get the most out of your efforts in the gym.

What are Orangetheory Splat Points

What are Orangetheory Splat Points
In an Orangetheory Fitness class, your performance is measured in Splat Points. Spending time in the Orange and Red Zones (the two highest heart rate zones) is required to accumulate them. To succeed, each class must amass at least 12 Splat Points.

Orangetheory Workout is a prominent workout class franchise, and they have something called “Splat Points.” When talking about exercise, a “Splat Point” is one minute spent in the “Orange Zone,” which is a target heart rate range. The splat-like indicator that flashes on the studio’s heart rate monitor when a user reaches this point goal is where the word “splat” comes from.

The five heart rate zones used by Orangetheory Fitness have specific functions during exercise.

  • Gray Zone (50-60%): Very light activity, suitable for warm-up and cool-down.
  • Blue Zone (61-70%): Light activity, promoting endurance and recovery.
  • Green Zone (71-83%): Moderate activity, a base level for most workouts.
  • Orange Zone (84-91%): Vigorous activity, aiming to earn Splat Points.
  • Red Zone (92-100%): Maximum effort, unsustainable for prolonged periods.

The Orange Zone is between 84% and 91% of maximum heart rate (MHR). Heart rates between 92% and 100% of MHR constitute the Red Zone. To know your maximum heart rate, just subtract your current age from 220.

The Orangetheory workout allows you to monitor your heart rate in real time. Most Orangetheory Fitness locations provide complimentary heart rate monitors for use in class.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart rate is tracked when doing Orangetheory exercises. Your heart rate is monitored in real-time by these devices, and the results are presented on displays in the studio. You can earn more Splat Points by staying within the designated heart rate zones, thanks to this tracking.

The Orange Zone 

Spending time in the Orange Zone is the primary way you accumulate Splat Points. This requires keeping your heart rate at 84% to 91% of your maximum for an extended period. This level of effort is typically associated with a sensation of exertion and increased breathing rate, but it should still be manageable for a relatively long time.

Splat Points: A Calculation

Each minute spent in the Orange Zone is worth one Splat Point. Gaining 12–20 Splat Points throughout a workout shows you’ve worked hard to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Splat Points: Why They Matter

Maintaining a Healthy Heart

If you want to improve your heart and lung health, you need to do cardiovascular solid exercise, and that’s exactly what it takes to rack up the Splat Points. Regular cardiovascular exercise is one of the best ways to get in shape and increase your stamina for the long haul.

Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption.

The EPOC effect, also known as the afterburn, is triggered by the intensity of the Orange Zone. This implies that your body’s metabolic rate remains raised for some time after your workout is over, making it easier to keep the weight off.

Monitoring Progress

Splat Points allows you to keep a score of how hard you work out over time. Your ability to rack up Splat Points and bounce back from punishing intervals may both benefit from your cardiovascular fitness level rising.

How do I get more Splat Points?

To increase your Splat Points, you can accomplish the following:

Boost your new basic speed. 

Your base speed is the fastest pace at which you feel completely at ease for an extended time. You’ll spend more time in the Orange and Red Zones by raising your basic pace.

Do your best to maximize your interval training. 

You should be working really hard throughout the intervals, which are the breaks in the lesson. You may rack up additional Splat Points by giving it your all at certain times.

All out. 

The all-out is the final segment of the interval and represents your maximum possible effort. During the all out, you may rack up a lot of Splat Points by giving it your all.

Effective Workout Routine with Splat Points

Warm-UpLight Jogging, Stretching5-7 minutes
Cardiovascular TrainingTreadmill Running (Orange Zone), Rowing20-25 minutes
Strength TrainingBodyweight Exercises, Weights15-20 minutes
Flexibility and MobilityYoga, Dynamic Stretching10-15 minutes
Cool DownWalking, Deep Breathing, Static Stretching5-7 minutes

How Are Orangetheory Splat Points Calculated?

Your heart rate is monitored during an Orangetheory Fitness class and used to determine your splat score. Every minute spent in the Orange or Red Zones is worth 1 Splat Point.

A person aged 35 has a maximum heart rate of 185 beats per minute (220 minus 35). Accordingly, your target heart rate ranges from 158 to 171 bpm in the Orange Zone and from 172 to 190 bpm in the Red Zone.

What Happens When I Get 12 Splat Points?

Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) is engaged at a Splat Score of 12 or above. EPOC measures how long it takes for your body to return to its pre-workout state. A higher EPOC means a greater post-workout calorie deficit.

Therefore, it’s beneficial to amass 12 Splat Points or more. You are receiving fantastic exercise, and your body will continue to burn fat long after finishing your class.

Table of the different heart rate zones and Splat Points 

Heart Rate ZoneSplat Points per Minute
Gray Zone (<50% of max HR)0
Blue Zone (50-60% of max HR)1
Green Zone (60-70% of max HR)2
Orange Zone (70-84% of max HR)3
Red Zone (84-91% of max HR)4
Peak Zone (92-100% of max HR)5

What Are Orangetheory Splat Points Used For?

Several options exist for spending splat points:

  • To monitor progress throughout time. You should be able to rack up more Splat Points as your fitness level rises.
  • Having a plan and working toward it. You may, for instance, aim for 15 Splat Points in each class.
  • In order to get you going. Splat Points are a visual motivator that may keep you engaged and ready to give it your all.
  • To keep tabs on how hard you’re working out. Earning more Splat Points indicates increased exertion.
  • To stimulate EPOC, measure how long it takes for your body to return to its pre-workout state. The greater the increase in EPOC, the greater the subsequent calorie expenditure.

Splat Points are not the only indicator of a solid workout, however, they are helpful. You can become in shape without spending much time or effort or Splat Points. Listen to your body and work at a level that challenges you but that you can maintain over time.

What Do Splat Points Get You At Orangetheory?

At Orangetheory, splat points cannot be redeemed for actual prizes. Simply put, they help you monitor the vigor you’re attacking your workouts. The objective is accumulating at least 12 Splat Points every class; however, doing so will yield no benefit.

Orangetheory Splat Points vs. Calories Burned

It’s vital to remember that Splat Points donot have a 1:1 correlation to calorie expenditure. There is, however, a connection between the two. Calories burned are proportional to the amount of Splat Points earned.

You should know that not all calories are the same. To reduce body fat, you should focus on burning as many calories as possible in the Orange and Red Zones.

So, if you want to slim down, you should concentrate on racking up as many Splat Points as possible. However, paying attention to your needs and rest when your body tells you to is equally crucial.

Splat PointsCalories Burned

Wrapping Up The Things!!!

Now you know what are Orangetheory Splat Points? Splat Points in Orangetheory introduce a new element to exercise by rewarding participants for pushing themselves within predetermined heart rate zones. This idea not only helps your heart and burns more calories, but it also acts as a motivational approach to monitor your development. The best way to maximize one’s fitness journey and get the most out of it is to use Splat Points as part of a well-rounded training program. Never start a new workout routine without first talking to a fitness expert, especially if you have preexisting health concerns.

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