Can You Bring A Guest To Orangetheory? Updated Guide 2.0

Many people have succeeded with the high-intensity group workouts at Orangetheory Fitness, which combine cardio and strength training. If you’re a regular at Orangetheory, you have wondered if your friend or family member might join you for a class. So, Can You Bring A Guest To Orangetheory? 

Let’s find out in this guide which has 2.0 updates, meant to serve as an all-inclusive reference to Orangetheory Fitness’s guest policy, describing the procedures, prerequisites, fees, tips, advantages, and potential drawbacks of inviting guests to an Orangetheory session.

Can You Bring A Guest To Orangetheory

Of course, bringing a friend or guest to Orangetheory is permitted. 

Orangetheory’s Guest Policy: Breaking It Down 

Before inviting a friend or family member to an Orangetheory class, you should know the studio’s guest policy. Most Orangetheory Fitness facilities allow guests, however, the restrictions around this vary from location to location. 

Guests are not regular gym goers but would like to try out the facility for a single session.

There are two options here.

Free first class

Your friend or family member can try out Orangetheory for free if they are local and have never gone before. This necessitates their arrival at your facility 30 minutes before class starts. They will have to give their details and sign a waiver.

Casual Visit

Your guest can attend a class as a casual visitor if they are not a local resident or have already taken advantage of your free introductory lesson. Casual visits cost money, and the amount varies from studio to studio.

Eligibility Criteria for Guests 

In most cases, some requirements must be met before a person can attend Orangetheory as a guest. Common prerequisites include being at least 14 years old, submitting basic health information to verify they can safely participate in the workout, and signing a liability disclaimer.

To guarantee the safety of all participants and the cleanliness of the exercise area, studios must check an individual’s eligibility before letting them into an Orangetheory class.

Age Limit

The minimum age for attending an Orangetheory Fitness class is 14. This rule aims to screen out people who aren’t physically capable of completing the activity.

Liability Waiver

In most cases, visitors must sign a disclaimer of responsibility before being allowed into the session. By signing this waiver, the visitor confirms that he or she is aware of and willingly accepts the hazards connected with the workout.

Health Info

To determine whether or not a guest is physically prepared for a workout, they are requested to give basic health information. A student’s ability to participate in class safely is affected by several factors, including but not limited to any preexisting medical issues, injuries, or other health concerns.


Orangetheory Fitness’s mission is to provide a welcoming and comfortable space for people of all fitness levels and health problems to get their sweat on, and part of that is making sure that members meet the standards necessary to work out there.

Booking a Guest Workout Session 

Booking a fitness session for your guest is the next step after verifying their eligibility. Guests can make reservations using the studio’s online booking system or by calling the studio directly. Classes tend to fill up fast, so enrolling in advance is highly recommended.

It’s easy to schedule a guest workout at Orangetheory Fitness, however, the specifics change from studio to studio. Here is an outline for scheduling a workout with a visitor.

Contact the Studio

Contact your nearby Orangetheory Fitness studio and ask about their visitation policies and openings. You can contact the studio through their phone line or website.

Confirm Guest Eligibility

Check that your guest is old enough (14 years) and responsible enough (willing to sign a liability waiver) to attend.

Choose a Suitable Class

Find a class time that works for you and your visitor by looking at the studio’s schedule. While some gyms have designated guest classes, others welcome visitors to their regularly scheduled sessions.

Reserve the Spot

Make a reservation for your guest once you’ve found an appropriate class. Reservations for studio classes are made in various methods, including by phone, the Orangetheory mobile app, and studio websites.

Provide Guest Information

You surely can ask to submit your guest’s name, contact information, and any necessary health information for the session’s safety while making a reservation.

Pay the Guest Fee

The cost of your training session will be the guest charge, so plan accordingly. The guest fee normally covers using a heart rate monitor throughout your workout; however, this varies from studio to studio.

Be Sure to Check-In Early!

Bring your visitor to the gym early on the day of the exercise to get a spot. This will give you plenty of time to check in, fill out any paperwork, and have your heart rate monitor set up.

Additional Tips

Additional suggestions for scheduling a guest workout at Orangetheory are below.

Please make your reservations in advance.

You should make a reservation in advance to bring a visitor to Orangetheory. This will increase the likelihood that the class you wish to take has room for your visitor.

Keep a flexible mindset.

Always ask your coach to assist you locate another class if you cannot book one that works for your guest’s schedule.

Tell your instructor.

Ensure your coach knows beforehand if you want to bring a visitor to class. Your trainer will be able to formally meet your guest and field any inquiries they may have in this setting.

Fees and Reimbursement 

Although a single training session at Orangetheory is available to guests, it is important to know the related charges. Orangetheory locations charge visitors a fee in addition to the standard drop-in rate. Orangetheory also offers discounts for students if they have student IDs. In most cases, the visitor fee covers everything from using the studio to renting a heart rate monitor during your workout at Orangetheory.

  • Orangetheory studios have different policies regarding the cost of inviting a visitor. However, most studios charge you $20-$30 for a walk-in. The one-time price includes the workout and the use of all the studio’s amenities.
  • Your friend is qualified for a complimentary first class at Orangetheory if they are a resident and are new to the studio. Your first-time guest can get a free class if they arrive at your facility at least 30 minutes early. They will have to give their details and sign a waiver.
  • You’ll need the guest’s name, email address, and birthday to process payment for an unofficial visit. Your membership number, if you have one, is also required.
  • The casual visitor will receive an email with a link to register for a class after processing the payment.
Additional Tips

If you’re planning on bringing a friend to Orangetheory, here are some things to remember:

  • Participants in Orangetheory classes must be at least 14 years old.
  • Before joining an Orangetheory class, guests must submit to a pre-workout test. A quick medical history and pulse examination are part of this evaluation.
  • Guests are kindly requested to dress in loose, comfortable attire.
  • Guests are asked to bring their own water bottle, towel, and other necessities.

What to Expect During the Guest Workout

Guests need to know what to anticipate from their Orangetheory exercise to have a positive experience. Intervals of cardiovascular exercise and strength training using treadmills are the norm in these exercises, which are led by trained professionals

Tell your friend that the courses are somewhat intense, and explain the Orange Zone idea, in which they should try to keep their heart rate within a certain range to get the most out of the workout regarding calorie burning and cardiovascular benefits.

The Benefits of Bringing a Guest 

Multiple benefits result from inviting a visitor to Orangetheory.

  • First, it provides them with a one-of-a-kind exercise opportunity that integrates excitement, inspiration, and sound fitness science.
  • Second, exercising with a friend or family is more motivating and fun
  • Third, hearing about your exercise routine inspire your visitor to keep working towards their health and wellness objectives even after their session has ended.

Possible Restrictions and Limits 

Although visitors are welcome at Orangetheory, they should know a few things. To ensure the best possible experience for their regular members, some studios restrict the number of times guests can attend during a given time period. In addition, visitors are not able to enjoy all the perks like indoor track and aqua exercises, such as making advanced reservations for class or participating in advanced training.

Summing Up The Things In Table Form

Free First Class for Local Residents– Must be a local resident– Eligible for the first class free of charge
– Never been to Orangetheory before– Arrive 30 minutes before the class start time
– Complete a waiver and provide contact information– Receive an email confirmation with a check-in link for the class
Casual Visit Fee– Not a local resident– Pay $20-$30 casual visit fee (varies by studio)
– Already taken a free first class– Payment can be made online, in person at the studio, or by phone
Guest’s Age Requirement– Must be 14 years of age or older– Guests below the age of 14 may need parental consent
Pre-Workout Screening for Guests– Complete a pre-workout screening– Includes a brief medical history and a heart rate check
Dress Code for Guests– Wear comfortable clothing– Clothing that allows ease of movement during the workout
Items to Bring for Guests– Water bottle, towel, and personal belongings– Stay hydrated during the workout and bring items for personal comfort
Check-in for Class– Use the provided link in the email confirmation– Arrive on time for class check-in to begin the workout experience


Now you know that Can You Bring A Guest To Orangetheory? Yes, taking a friend to Orangetheory Fitness is a great way to show them how fun and beneficial exercise can be. A successful fitness journey is guaranteed by knowledge of guest policy, eligibility verification, session booking, and preparation. Despite the constraints, working out with a friend or family member may be pretty rewarding, helping you bond and inspiring you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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