How Many Times A Week Should You Do Orangetheory? Timetable, Plan & Membership

Many people who are interested in finding a fitness programme that is both challenging and fun have turned to Orangetheory Fitness. Orangetheory is a dynamic workout programme that combines aerobic and strength-training routines. Orangetheory is excellent for you, but figuring out how often you should go can be difficult. 

This article aims to assist readers find their own optimal weekly Orangetheory frequency by discussing ‘’How Many Times A Week Should You Do Orangetheory’’ with a weekly workout plan, schedule, and timetable with suitable membership offers.

How Many Times A Week Should You Do Orangetheory

The treadmill, rowing machine, and weights are all part of the Orangetheory high-intensity interval training (HIIT) fitness programme. Weight loss, cardiovascular fitness, and muscle gain are the goals of these 60-minute classes.

Your fitness objectives and current fitness level will determine how often you should perform Orangetheory exercises. Most people would benefit from attending 3 or 4 Orangetheory classes each week.

Think About Your Physical Condition

Your fitness level is the primary factor in determining how often you should perform Orangetheory exercises. If you’re just getting started with training or have been inactive for a while, experts recommend starting with no more than twice weekly. This will reduce the likelihood of overtraining by giving your body time to adjust to the exercise routine.

Purposes and Aims

The frequency of your Orangetheory sessions is heavily influenced by your fitness goals and ambitions. 3 to 4 sessions per week are reasonable if your goal is to increase cardiovascular endurance. On the other hand, if bulking up and being more robust is your top priority, you can obtain better results by mixing Orangetheory workouts with traditional strength training.

Consistency with Other Physical Activities

Flexibility and mobility exercises are equally as important as cardio and weight training in maintaining a balanced fitness regimen. Make time for alternative practices like yoga, stretching, or active recovery sessions if you want to attend Orangetheory classes regularly.

Feel What Your Body Is Telling You

Listening to your body is one of the most important components in establishing the best Orangetheory training frequency. Feelings before, during, and after sessions should be carefully monitored. Reduce the frequency or intensity of your Orangetheory sessions if you are continually exhausted, suffering persistent soreness, or failing to recuperate between workouts.

Progressive Advancement

It’s important to start Orangetheory with a philosophy of progressive growth, no matter what your current fitness level is. Start with two or three weekly workouts and build up to more as your body adapts and gets more conditioned, rather than overwhelming it all at once.

Recovery and Days Off

Recovery and rest days are crucial to the effectiveness of any exercise regimen. Burnout, an increase in the likelihood of injury, and a decrease in performance are all possible outcomes of overtraining. Therefore, it is essential to schedule frequent rest days to give your body the time it needs to heal and replenish itself.

Alternatives and Cross-Training

Cross-training or doing anything else your Orangetheory exercises are just as beneficial. Cross-training is a great way to avoid repetitive-stress injuries, get in better shape, and enjoy your activities more. To supplement your Orangetheory workout, try activities like cycling, swimming, hiking, or dancing.

Lifestyle and Personal Commitment

Personal dedication and lifestyle considerations play a crucial impact in deciding training frequency in addition to the technical components. Plan your weekly Orangetheory workouts around your other obligations, like work and family. Maintaining consistency and dedication requires finding a happy medium between too much effort and not enough.

Customised Plan and Schedule

If you plan on doing three or four Orangetheory sessions each week, check out this timetable and fitness plan. This schedule balances aerobic and strength training with recuperation days.

Day WorkoutTypeDescription
MondayOrangetheory Class60-minute session combining cardio, rowing, and floor exercises.
TuesdayRest DayActive recovery, stretching, or light physical activity.
WednesdayOrangetheory Class60-minute session focusing on different muscle groups and intensity levels.
ThursdayStrength Training45-60 minutes of dedicated strength training at the gym or home.
FridayOrangetheory Class60-minute session with emphasis on cardiovascular endurance.
SaturdayRest DayComplete rest or light activities like yoga or a leisurely walk.
SundayOrangetheory Class60-minute session targeting a mix of cardio and strength exercises.


Here are some things to think about when deciding how often per week to practise Orangetheory:

Your exercise goals

Increase the number of times per week that you attend an Orangetheory class if you want to lose weight or enhance your cardiovascular health. However, if you’re just getting started, it’s best to ease into it by taking fewer classes at first and building up.

Your Physical Condition

Orangetheory is not recommended for people new to exercising or with preexisting health conditions. They can advise you on the optimal course load.

Your Timetable

You should cut back on the number of Orangetheory workouts you perform each week if you already have a full schedule. However, more lessons can be taken if you have extra time. Learn about the waitlist thing if you are new to Orangetheory.


The advantages of performing Orangetheory three to four times per week are as follows:

Burning Of Calories 

You should expect to burn many calories in an Orangetheory class. A single lesson can help you lose between 500 and 1,000 calories.

Heart and Lungs Betterment

The cardiovascular benefits of Orangetheory courses are well-documented. Your heart and lungs will get a good workout from the high-intensity intervals.

Gaining Muscle Mass

You can bulk up while doing Orangetheory sessions, too. Muscle tone and strength are both boosted by strength training.

Slim Body

Orangetheory is an excellent option if you’re trying to trim down. You can speed up your weight reduction by combining calorie burning and muscle growth.

Orangetheory Fitness Membership Pricing 

Prices for Orangetheory Fitness memberships vary by region and activity level. The lack of an introductory charge for any membership tier differentiates it from other high-end gym memberships.

First Time Visitors

First-class free is said to be a $28 value.

Orange Basic Membership

  • The typical monthly fee for a basic membership is $69.
  • Offers a monthly class pass good for 4 sessions.
  • Extra lessons can be purchased on an individual basis for $18.

Orange Elite Membership

  • Studio membership fees range from $99 to $109 monthly.
  • Consists of 8 sessions every month.
  • Access to discounted pricing for purchasing more courses.
Bonus advantages

Get a complimentary bottle of Shakeology daily, save 10% on supplements, and get a discount on personal training sessions.

Orange Premier Membership

  • The monthly fee for an Orange Premier membership is about $159.
  • Attend as many sessions as you like!
  • Family members are welcome to join lessons at a discounted guest cost.
Bonus advantages

More savings on supplements and free Shakeology every day.


There is a $12 charge for late cancellations and no-shows at this membership level.

Multiple Choices for Guests:

  • There are visitor day passes for sale.
  • There are always 10-class, 20-class, and 30-class bundles available.
  • Prices Close to $99, $199, and $499.
  • Most studios charge a $28 drop-in fee.

Student Discount

  • 10%-25% student discount on regular fees.

Learn more about Orangetheory Student Discount in detail to save more money if you are a student with an ID card.


The prices and perks shown above are estimates that may or may not hold at your local Orangetheory Fitness. Contact your neighbourhood studio or check their website for the most recent details on membership plans and prices.

Membership TierMonthly Cost (Approx.)Classes IncludedAdditional Class FeeBenefits
First Time VisitorsN/A1st class freeN/AN/A
Orange Basic$694 lasses/month$18 each– Access to 4 classes per month
– Option to purchase additional classes
Orange Elite$99 to $1098 lasses/monthReduced rate for additional classes– Free daily Shakeology drink
– Discount on supplements
– 10% off private training sessions
Orange PremierApproximately $159Unlimited$12 each– Bring family members to classes at a reduced rate
– Bigger supplement discount
– Free daily Shakeology drink

Risk Of Over Exercising

Consequences of overdoing Orangetheory include the following:


There is a danger of overtraining if you attend more than 3 Orangetheory programmes each week. Overtraining is associated with decreased performance, increased injury risk, and muscular pain.


Orangetheory courses are intense workouts and like with any high-intensity exercise, injuries can occur. Injuries are possible, but they are mitigated by taking things carefully at first and building up from there.


You will get burnout if you take more than three Orangetheory courses each week. Fatigue, anger, and a lack of drive are all symptoms of burnout.


Most people can benefit from attending between three and four Orangetheory courses each week. However, pay attention to your needs and schedule rest days accordingly. Consult your physician before beginning Orangetheory if you are new to exercise or have any health issues.

Concluding The Money Discussion

How Many Times A Week Should You Do Orangetheory? Finally, the optimal frequency of Orangetheory exercises relies on several factors and varies from person to person. Optimising your time at Orangetheory requires listening to your body, thinking about your fitness level and goals, and keeping a balanced programme. Remember that the key to long-term success in your Orangetheory fitness journey is balancing quality and quantity.

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